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Called to get a prescription refill for my dog that has a life threatening medical condition. They refused to fill her prescription until I brought her in to be seen. I explained to them that I had a limited amount of medication and have a very busy work schedule. They were not able to accommodate the appointment date I requested and offered me one that I could not make. They person that I spoke with was absolutely rude. I told her the... Read more

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Finally left after about 2 hours and dig still wasn't seen. Lady at front was nice but service was bad.

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I have gone to our vet for over 10 years. Then VCA took over & everything changed. I had 6 dogs going to this vet & when I spend over $ 8,000 I thought I would get some sympathy when it came to a 5 week old puppy. I brought her in with internal injuries. I was called into a room & was told because I owed them $ 500 that they couldn't see her. I said you mean to tell me that I'm supposed to let her die, which the bookkeeper said yes. My husband... Read more

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I like the staff, they are all very polite and friendly. The problem I have is with the Vet Dr. Gilison. When I went to the vet appointment I was given an estimate with a list of things they wanted to do to my dog. I turned down all the stuff I believed my dog didn't need, such as blood work. I then signed off on the procedure that my dog needed and was given an estimate (My dog ate some chocolate raisins). At the end of the appointment the vet... Read more

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The Office Manager did not like my complaint and after 40 years of taking my animals to this particular clinic, they did not call to discuss my compliant but sent me my animal records (current pets) and told me not to come back. The service has gone down hill since VCA took over this particular vet. This shows a lack of care about their patients and customers and should have been brought up with their corporate off which I will be doing. Most... Read more

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I walked in with my two dogs one for a nail trim and one for a well check . The one had her nails trim right away the other one never even got seen and they were ready to charge me for two nail trims .. So since they assumed we were done they never put the other dog in line to be seen . I sat there waiting my turn when two other people were seen ahead of me . Needless to say I got angry and left with out being seen ! I even told them I will be... Read more

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I took my cat there at the recommendation of my Vet. to get further tests done. All they did was complete the same tests my Vet. had already done and sent over to their clinic for review. Upon working with Dr. Clemans it was clear she did not spend any time looking at the records provided by my Vet. After a $700 bill I was no further along than I was before. I was told additional x-rays were needed due to the fact my vet did not do a 3 view... Read more

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I'm using VCA in Oakland, CA. It's a nightmare. Vets seem to be using a revolving door where every time we go in we have to see a new one as our previous one left - which then only drives our costs up due to each vet needing to do an examination before they will prescribe anything. One cat is now on prescription food but vet never told us we needed a prescription to actually buy the food which is only sold in limited locations and only with the... Read more

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HORRIBLE. Do NOT use their grooming. I've never written a review in my life, but I can't stand how awful this place is. I first took my cat to get groomed and after charging me the full amount and sending my sopping wet cat home ( I understand as an ex groomer and she is a cat) but THEN after telling me they got ALL her mats out etc, she was covered in mats! She still had everyone! THEN I think she must've been hard to groom so I give them... Read more

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Normally don't like VCAs but had a sick feral from my colony. Dr. M Washington was wonderful and gentle. The boy was in very bad shape and eu was the only logical option (he was a double positive). Dr. Washington was gentle during the procedure and treated this little guy with respect. She does work with feral / TNR groups. I did not care for her fill-in next time I brought in one from our adoption program - pushed unnecessary tests and... Read more

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