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Dont waste your time if you have a large breed dog, no bedside manner and condescending to boot, told my wife we have a "dangerous " breed. The vet scolded my wife if front of the dog, then wonders why a trained gaurd dog tried to *** the vet. I have rescued and re-trained over 25 abused rottweilers i know how to handle this "dangerous " breed, then told us that no vet makes house calls, i was raised on a ranch in new mexico, the only time the... Read more

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We have been a customer with VCA Desoto Animal Hospital for the past 8 years. Although I am very particular on how my pet is groomed I am very disappointed with the Grooming staff Kate-Mgr. and Candice/Andy associates in Desoto, Texas. Kate made a decision to discontinue services for my dog because her groomer Candice continue to cut my fur baby ears uneven although I continued to pay for the service while voicing my opinion. When I called... Read more

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I am literally fuming at my mouth while writing this post. Few months ago we took our pets for annual shots, paid the fees on the spot, both pets were treated but one pet almost died the next day because the vet decided to administer the vaccine through her nostril, and that caused major complications. After yelling and screaming the vet told us that she will treat the pet for free until she got better. Two months later we get a bill for... Read more

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I had a cat that was having trouble breathing, she was dying and was in pain, I just my job and was in a major panic because I could not afford to have her euthanized, Courtney the receptionist was kind enough to understand my problem, spoke with Doctor Kristi Medearis who went out of her way to see me and she was the nicest vet , I have ever meet, she immediately to my cat Daisy and put her in the oxygen tank to help her breath in her last... Read more

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i wasn't sure which dog had eaten chocolate, so was forced to take both. Both had vomiting induced by the staff, and after determining which dog had ingested the substance, I was given an estimate for over two thousand for both of them and suggestions that the one be kept in the hospital for 24 hrs. I had previously asked the vet on duty to please go as easy as she could on the bill since I am on a fixed income. She said she would; I guess... Read more

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Way too expensive! The Dallas location charged over twice as much as my typical vet. A very expensive second opinion. The vet seems skilled and knowledgeable but the few structure here is outrageous. Read more

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The fact is VCA killed my cat by refusing to give me help to save my Isabella life.I highly recommend that you don't use the VCA for any reason,they are not professional and have no clue on how to do there job and that they are not really good at all.Over priced and don't even know how to listen to the public who comes to them for help

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The worst day of Tinys life... I should have listened to my gut... 3 xs I tried to "do the right thing". The question is ,the right by who? Tiny was suffering, yes, but he was not ready to die. He tried to tell me, and in the end he was heartbroken. I failed him.Everyone is so judgemental. There way is the right way. I don't blame them, I blame myself for all of it. Tiny was supposedly in heart failure, but there was never a ultrasound to back... Read more

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I REGRET taking my cat to VCA - - DON'T GO THERE !!! My cat had been shaking her head; possibly an ear infection? The vet saw NO infection, NO ear mites. The vet took my cat to the back to have the techs draw blood, urine, and _____?????? WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE ....????? BEFORE the visit, she had been fine overall, other than occasionally shaking her head. When we returned home, I IMMEDIATELY noticed that my cat did not seem well, as if her overall... Read more

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My 6 yr sweet rescue dog died in one day of liver failure. My vet was away so we went to a VCA animal hospital. We waited 3 hours.(there was no one there) Bennie was taken to the back, muzzled (a 12 lb dog) and supposedly examined. When they returned the vet couldn't answer any of my questions. "They had to do extensive, expensive tests." Couldn't tell me if he was dehydrated (his urine had been brown!) "he was muzzled." They muzzled him! It... Read more

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