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The worst day of Tinys life... I should have listened to my gut... 3 xs I tried to "do the right thing". The question is ,the right by who? Tiny was suffering, yes, but he was not ready to die. He tried to tell me, and in the end he was heartbroken. I failed him.Everyone is so judgemental. There way is the right way. I don't blame them, I blame myself for all of it. Tiny was supposedly in heart failure, but there was never a ultrasound to back... Read more

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I REGRET taking my cat to VCA - - DON'T GO THERE !!! My cat had been shaking her head; possibly an ear infection? The vet saw NO infection, NO ear mites. The vet took my cat to the back to have the techs draw blood, urine, and _____?????? WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE ....????? BEFORE the visit, she had been fine overall, other than occasionally shaking her head. When we returned home, I IMMEDIATELY noticed that my cat did not seem well, as if her overall... Read more

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My 6 yr sweet rescue dog died in one day of liver failure. My vet was away so we went to a VCA animal hospital. We waited 3 hours.(there was no one there) Bennie was taken to the back, muzzled (a 12 lb dog) and supposedly examined. When they returned the vet couldn't answer any of my questions. "They had to do extensive, expensive tests." Couldn't tell me if he was dehydrated (his urine had been brown!) "he was muzzled." They muzzled him! It... Read more

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We had taken our pet since she was born 7 years ago to our local animal hospital (Blue Point Bayport animal hospital) and we loved the staff and our Vet DR. Melanie Ramsden. Recently we noticed a change... all the original staff was gone and it seemed the place was packed with waiting patients and service was dismal. We signed up for a so called wellness plan only to discover we still had to pay overwhelming cost for services beyond the wellness... Read more

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We go in with a puppy and go over all upcoming fees including spaying. We were quoted 50.00 per month. We go to check out and find out its $84.00 a month. Do they think we are made of money? Its suppose to space out payments not increase them. You can go to Pet Smart/ Banfield and it cost $39.00 per month for the same $84.00 at VCA. VCA should check out the competition. Shame on VCA!! To top it all off many are fresh out of Med School with... Read more

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we took our cat Elsa to your calabash NC facility. The vet a Dr Sm ith was not interested in us or our cat. Only the Money. Our prime complain is that he was unnecessarily rough wi8th her. Unfortunately this is not an isolated complaint. Having spoken with other people in this rather small community, this seems to be a common complaint. I believe Dr Smith is not suited to this type of practice and would do better with animals that could at... Read more

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Horrible vets all they care about is money. They have no compassion whatsoever. My cat was hit by a car and the vet smiled at me the whole time while giving me the bad news. She told me the cat would need surgery but it would not fix her anyway and would be a substantial amount of money. I told her I couldn't afford it, and she said my other option is to give her my cat. (Which just so happens to be an expensive breed of Bengal.) I would NEVER... Read more

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I'd been going to my pets Vet for at least two years then on her last visit every employee was gone and I was talked into joining a pet wellness plan...I left the vet spending over $1,200.00 and my dog was fine just her annual checkup and routine blood and fecal test and the cost of the annual plan. I was flabbergasted. I'd recently sent a friend with her new puppy and she's complaining about the cost and constant harassment to increase her pet... Read more

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I worked for a vca hospital for a short tme after they took over the place I had been at for more than 25 years. I will never work for a place like that again. They DO NOT care about you or your pet. It's all about parting you from your money. They will quickly fire all the older emplyees so they won't have to pay them their salary . They can hire 2 young people (with no experience) for the cost of one good established employee. Find a small... Read more

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Where do I begin let me just say that VCA Animal Hospital Corporation that's what it is a corporation they are overcharging overcharging and they know it they wanted my dog to have x-rays they told me that X-rays and sedation and reading the x-rays to be about $600 I took my dog to a local veterinarian had the same procedure done and it came to be 2:09 what justifies dca's prices .... I tell you what justifies VCA they're nothing but a bunch of... Read more

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