Our dog was at the VCA Pet Resort located in North Hills, CA for 5 days over the Thanksgiving holiday. She had no ailments when we took her in to the "resort." We paid extra for "VIP" care which includes two play times per day.

The other reason for selecting this facility was because the veterinary practice is right next door to the boarding facility. When I picked her up, I noticed she had a sore on her lip. When I asked what had happened, the front desk person told me it looked like she had rubbed against the pen. She immediately offered an exam by a vet.

I agreed and was told to go to the hospital and the resort would let the hospital know I was coming to the front facility. Once there, I was told it would be a few minutes wait. After 15 minutes I was told one doctor was in the bathroom and the other was in with a patient. After another 10 minutes I noticed another dog and her owner were seen by a doctor before we were seen.

I went back to the desk to ask why we were not seen. The young lady at the front desk advised me that the other lady had an appointment and I would have to wait. I expressed my dissatisfaction and asked to speak with the manager. The manager came to the desk and told me I had to understand that this was a hospital and I would have to wait.

I explained I had been waiting for half an hour after a 5 day visit at the resort and I did not understand what was going on. I also requested a refund of half of what I had paid for the stay at the resort. A doctor finally came in to examine the dog and advised what he thought was the cause of the sore. I asked him why this would not have been noted on the dog's record during her stay.

He could not explain.

Ultimately the doctor arranged for a culture to be done, gave her an injection for what he thinks is a fungal infection and arranged for a course of antibiotics for no charge. All of this could have been avoided if the resort staff had done their job and paid attention to my dog while she was in their care.


Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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I agree that it would be upsetting to find my dog in less than perfect condition when I got him back. I think any good parent would feel this way.

But I don't think it is practical at all to expect a kennel attendant to notice the sorts of things we would notice as that pet's parent. I can't imagine that an employee, working on a holiday, and probably with a full kennel, would have the time to physically inspect every single part of all the pets they were boarding, every day, for a week (unless they promised to do that). Even though we love our pets and they are our family, they are also animals and they do tend to injure themselves all the time whether they are being looked after properly or not.

I found out my dog chews on the fencing in a kennel when I'm gone and no one else is around, and he has broken out his bottom teeth from doing it. I would not expect anyone to know that this has occurred.

Thanks for the info--very helpful.

However, I have to say that if I had an appointment, and my appointment was pushed aside for a client without an appointment and without an emergency, I would be really upset. Your pup wasn't in a life-threatening situation, and you didn't have an appointment, so of course you had to wait:)

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