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My dog was on the care club plan. He suffered a sudden illness, and he had to be put down.

I obviously did not need the plan any longer, but I hadn't used all the services in the contract. I know I still had X-rays available and I believe some office visits and a blood work also, probably more things to be honest...we hadn't needed him to be seen much this year. I figured when I called to cancel, it would be a wash....payments would stop, and we'd just call it 'even'. Sure, they wouldn't get future payments from me, but I didn't exactly receive all the benefits I'd paid for for the first 9 months of this year either.

I was surprised to hear that, to cancel, I had to pay for the remainder of the plan...even the services I never received. Well, isn't that a fine thing to hear right after your best friend dies? This didn't save me money. It cost me money.

So basically, as it seems to me from today's experience, if your dog has an accident or illness and dies, you're still stuck with the total cost of the wellness plan. You could sign up on January 1st, have your pet unfortunately die on January 2nd, and you'll be responsible for the entire cost of that program that you will never ever use. If you wish to use the Care Club, please ask questions, get everything in writing, and protect yourself and your budget.

I wish I had. Having to pay off an uncompleted health plan after just paying for end-of-life costs is like being slapped in the face.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Careclub Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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We have senior pet care club plan, saved lots of money, very helpful. NOT a ripoff. Kinda’ baffled you got charged after your dear pet passed away, that is not how the contract reads...

to DoubleKittyOwner #1507349

How much does the senior program cost?


My partner and I just got 2 new puppies and put them both on the care club plan never had any issues or complaints yet and we're on a tight budget so it's saving us a ton on vet bills


In the contract you sign, it says that if your pet dies the plan cancels and payments stop.


I dont know why you had to pay for it. When my beagle died i nver paid another month of her plan and she died at 7 months old from a liver shunt. I didnt even have to pay end of life costs up front, they gave me 3 months to pay it

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