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I look at these reviews, and my heart just Sinks. The day I took my dog there, 3 months ago, Christmas Eve, was the worst day of my life.

I was having an anxiety attack out in the parking lot, making some calls, feeling assured, that at least she was comfortable, and getting the help she needed in the back. I am an undergraduate, and my credit is not bad, it was just maxed out for the holidays. I have never been late or missed a payment on a credit card, but I failed their credit check. (Funny, the next month I got a new credit card with my good credit.) I pulled myself together, and went to see what was wrong, and it was all about money money money.

I hate that vet that murdered my dog and left her in a cold steel cage, while she was shivering and shaking, and the vet was yelling at me. I will never forgive myself for leaving her in the hand of the most uncaring vet ever. I say murdered, because she was mad I didn't have $2500 a night for 2 nights, for what she said was congestive heart failure. (For the same thing, Mayo Clinic, a top 10 hospital for humans, charges $1800 a night.) I was heartbroken and hysterical, and demanded She take her out of that steel trap, and my dog died in my arms, she just went limp and died.

I think she deliberately over medicated my dog so they could squeeze cremation money out of me. I am serious. Deep inside of my heart, I just know she should not have died that day. She had been to a vet that morning, he said she was fine, and Looking back, I think she had an anxiety attack.

It was the biggest mistake in my life. They charged me $200 up front, and started yelling at me, they wanted more money, on the way out. They extorted about $370 altogether, for putting her in a steel cell. It was the sickest, cruelest, meanest thing I have ever been through.

The manger fake apologized, but the money hungry vet didn't. She was mad, because she wanted that money. No compassion, no comforting words, no sympathy, I shouldn't have even been driving, I was so upset. The manager said it would be investigated, a big hoax.

When I asked for the report, he said they didn't write reports. Liar. It was all fake, I know it, there was no investigation. Do not go there.

I would love to file a class action suit against them, and when we win, donate the money to animal charity, or to a kind ER vet. If you love your animals, please, go somewhere else. I am still in such grief over their cruelty.

They do not care about you or your animals!! Boycott and stay away!

Monetary Loss: $370.

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I brought my cat to Banfield. HUGE MISTAKE!

They took him in the back, forever, talked me into their scam of a Wellness plan, and came out to tell me he had a bladder infection. So they sent me home with medication. Meanwhile they had given him flea medicine, First shield, without my consent. Took him home, & for the 1st day, it seemed he was feeling better.

Then he got a lot worse, very quickly. Brought him back in, and of course all they talked about was $$. They again, took him in the back, for a long time. I waited, & waited.

Finally, I asked if they we're finished. She said, "yes, but he's in a nice warm bed & comfortable" . I said, can u please give me my cat, now. They took their time, and finally gave him back.

They wanted to put him on some steroids, but weren't sure what was wrong with him. They wanted $65 for the meds. I went home and only cd come up with &45. They said, nope.

You have to have the whole amt. I asked if they cd split it up and give me half now. She said no. I went home.

I started researching myself. I went bk in and said I wanted the written results of all the tests they claimed they did. They blew me off. Went back in, furious, & asked to speak w a manager in private.

I was crying, because my cat was dying. She was very cold to me and said, why don't u take him to the pound, at least he'll get the care he needs. Like I should give him up to the pound..... WTF???

I again asked 4 the results of all the tests. She turned to her computer, & started naming off what they had claimed to have done. I kept saying, I want the RESULTS of the tests, on paper. She got very rude.

I was so upset I told her to Fu** O**. I left. Went to another vet who said he needed an ultrasound, which wd cost $400. His kidneys we're enlarged by then, he wdnt eat, or drink.

Something poisened him at Banfield. I know it. He died a week ago. He lost use of his bk end, was in pain, & nobody wd help me.

Sonoma County makes me sick. Why would u go into that profession, if u didn't care????? I hate them. They are horrible people.

The pain they caused my pet, and myself, I can't put into words. What are they hiding?????

Prosser, Washington, United States #820161

Thank you, belatedly, for your kind thoughts. It has been well over a year now since I lost her, and not a day goes by..Since her death, I have heard horror stories regarding VCA, and they are spreading all over the country, putting small vets out of business.

I met an elderly gentleman at Starbucks that said they killed his wife too, of a broken heart. They left their dog overnight for an IV of antibiotics, and the next morning, VCA told them they put their dog to sleep in the middle of the night, because it bit an employee. His wife was gone within a week.

I have no proof of the story, but for the look of grief, sadness, and anger in a stranger's face. He was supposed to email me, I wanted documentation, but I think it was too painful.

to lisavanlamp Bronx, New York, United States #1250565

There is a place for people like them. My condolences to you.

I too have been bamboozled by them, they killed my dog.

I am hurt beyond words. I guess if I paid a million my baby would still be alive.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #644180

I am so sorry for your loss, and for this horrible experience. I had been a long term client of VCA, in a different part of the country.

My vet is now so money hungry that my pet's health is now second to VCA's financial demands. I am disgusted with them; and, my heart breaks for you and your canine loved one.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #629581


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