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With the exception of Dr. Tanaka, I have personally have had a few issues with VCA general staff where I go. They have been rude and just plain ignorant.

However, I'm confused about your post because you say you only pay $50 a month for your dog. I pay $71.99 for each of my 2 dogs on the care club. I have only had to pay for medications and was offered a nail trim (which I declined) as it is "included" when your pet is already being seen for something else.

Most vet hospitals/clinics do not even offer just a nail trim as this is considered grooming. But they may do one if the pet is being seen for something else.

Please look at the details of the care packages they offer. The specifics are on their website at

The fine print under dental cleaning for canines says



Continued oral health can help keep your pet healthy in their golden years. Dental cleaning is crucial to helping your dog avoid gum disease, tooth loss and infections that can spread to the heart, kidney and liver.

1 professional dental cleaning

Includes evaluation, cleaning, anesthesia, fluids, hospitalization and dental X-rays*.

Tooth extractions and related medications are not included.

*Available only at hospitals with dental radiography equipment.


In reviewing the care plan details, here are the details under the canine exams section.


5 visits per year include:

*1annual wellness exam

*1 semi-annual wellness exam

*3 additional visits: exams to care for their skin, coat, weight concerns or any unexpected health needs


If you purchased the correct package and have followed all of the criteria for that package I suggest you contact their corporate office with receipts etc and ask that they correct the mistake and inform their staff. Otherwise this may be a miscommunication on the care plan package you purchased.


I did not include any information for the puppy care plan which is for 1 year old and younger. They do not offer a dental for puppies as it is not something that is typically necessary for under a year old unless their are oral complications.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Careclub Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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