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My adult M neutered cat woke me up howling in pain. I called the vet I always go to .6 mile from my house VCA,1117 N.

Decatur Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89108. They took the cat directly in but left me sitting for 20 minutes. When I was called in I could still hear him howling.

Vet finally showed up and said he had urinary tract blockage. She refused to give me some Clavamox which I had been treating him with successfully for a few months. She did present me with a quote for $800-1100. Of course I couldn't afford this, she told me he would die a very painful death.

I asked about euthanasia... quote given $344. for 15Lb cat! He was not administered anything for pain until I demanded it!

I had to put my cat down that day at the local animal shelter $25. plus $80. for cremation with return of ashes.

These people have no empathy or compassion at all. I am researching this company's origins & funding so look for a Facebook page alerting the public to their awful practices & philosophy.

Reason of review: Killed my cat.

I didn't like: Lack of compassion.

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Folsom, Pennsylvania, United States #1200956

Just reiterating what others have said - a blockage is an emergency requiring emergency surgery, bloodwork, and hospitalization on IV flids to correct electrolyte imbalances. I can only imagine how painful the loss of your cat was, but VCA did not kill your cat.

Clavamox will help with a urinary tract infection, it will not help with a physical blockage. Most blockages are due to crystals, which antibiotics are uselect against.

I'm very sorry for your loss. I recommend pet insurance for every pet, but especially male cats, as they are prone to this.


Uhm a urinary BLOCKAGE requires emergency surgery. Antibiotics cannot cure a blockage.

& obviously you had not been treating him "successfully" or he wouldn't have had a blockage. If he was prescribed clavamox for a UTI/bladder infection, it doesn't take months of antibiotics to cure that. Max two weeks.

Yes, if they do not have surgery for a blockage they WILL die a very painful death. A blockage means they cannot urinate.

Therefore it all collects in the bladder until the bladder ruptures.

Yes, the shelter is cheap. But, shelters also have city funding. Veterinary offices don't, hence why they are more expensive. Also, there is a huge difference in how the shelter euthanizes VS how a vet office euthanizes.

A vet office will place an IV catheter, give the pet sedation so they don't feel anything and then give them the euthanasia solution. A shelter may or may not place an IV catheter and they don't give a sedative beforehand. At least the shelters around me dont.

As for not giving a pain medication right away. They cannot give anything to a pet until the owner is aware of the cost and signs a treatment plan.

If they just gave the pet the medication, an owner can say they werent told the cost and then wouldn't pay for it. Or, because everyone is sue happy these days, they could be sued for giving a pet medication without owner consent.

They also probably didn't give it until they presented a treatment plan for the surgery because if you approved the surgery, they may use different medications or a pain medication can cause a reaction with a pre medication they use.

I'm very sorry for the loss of your cat. But you cannot blame this hospital for anything. Vets are a business and if they treated every pet for free who's owner couldn't afford treatment they wouldn't be able to stay in business.

People need to realize that pets cost money.

If you have a pet or want to get a pet you need to be able to afford basic care and have wiggle room in case of an emergency. Pets are a luxury not a right.


Clavamox would not have relieved a blockage, unfortunately. Your very beautiful cat was in a sad state.

I only wish the shelter had offered medical services to relieve his blockage and saved his life. I hope you heal from this awful event.


Very sorry, that was a beatiful cat...

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