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Last evening, I took my puppy to your ER and I'm so sorry that I even stepped foot in your facility. First of all, this facility was incredible dirty. I stepped in a urine puddle that was in the lobby and had been sprayed along the front of the reception desk. Second, we had to wait while the receptionist walked through each of the exam rooms, looking for a clean room. Because they did not have one clean exam room, we had to wait while she cleaned one.

The vet that we saw was SO incredibly rude, I was actually offended by the way she spoke to me. She came into the exam room and handed me a paper print out about my puppy's eye condition. She didn't physically examine my puppy before she diagnosed him. My puppy was in my arms the entire time before she diagnosed him. She looked at him, then diagnosed him and said "we can't fix his eye, he needs surgery." Because she made no physical contact with him, I became very concerned and asked questions. I asked her if she was sure, because she didn't even look into his eye. She then very rudely repeated herself "we cant fix him, he needs surgery," once I started questioning her. She said, "well, I can run a test if you want, but I'm telling you he has cherry eye." I asked if it could have been an infection due to the sand that he was playing in earlier in the week and asked her to look in his eye to confirm her diagnosis. She took him from my arms and said, "I'm telling you....this-is-cherry-eye!" Then she proceeded to look into his ears and felt his joints. Frustrated that she never actually looked at his eye, or under his eye lids, I said, "OK, I will just take him to his regular vet tomorrow and have them look into his eye to confirm that cherry eye is correct." As I was leaving the exam room, she said "you can call back normal business hours to inquire about his surgery."

In addition to her poor professionalism, she appears to be under educated. After she diagnosed him with cherry eye, she said the only way to correct it is with surgery. I explained to her that my dog's eye condition had appeared earlier in the week, but quickly went away, which is why I thought her diagnosis may be incorrect. ( I thought she was wrong because 1.) she never looked into his eye, and 2.) She said it never goes away) She said "there's no way this happened before, because once a dog's gland is exposed like this, it's permanent and needs surgery to be corrected. She explained that the red puffy bubble on his eye will never go away, but it does not cause discomfort to him. If he was not in discomfort, why was he pawing at his eye?! After we got home last night, I held him all night, so he could not scratch his eye and this morning, his eye looked completely normal.

I feel that this exam was a complete rip off and an endangerment to my puppy's eye. I came to this hospital looking for comfort and education of what is wrong. Never did I expect to walk into a urine sprayed, dirty facility and have to ask the doctor to physically look into his eye before she confirmed her diagnosis was in fact correct.

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