vca animal hospital took my cat (m) away because I didn't have $3000 for a surgery that would save his life. He had a piece of string stuck in his intestines and said they would have to put him down.

The doc was gracious and was willing to do a payment plan but the administrator would not allow it. The doc ( may God bless her) decided to go ahead with the surgery but the hospital said I had to give him up and never see him again. So I lost him because the hospital does not care about animal life only the bottom line.

VCA should be black balled and closed down.Now I find that other vet hospitals would have charged $500 and would have done a payment plan. Blackball vca and close those heartless and soulless administators down.

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I do not know why people do not have a credit card for such an emegency.I use a small country vet for my cats and she is wonderful.Her operating room is in her barn and she has a cot there and never leaves the cats after surgery.People look in the country vets in your area and do not go to large vet places they are only out for the money.


so it was their fault that you could not afford to pay for your cats surgery. if you own a pet you should have some money aside to take care of it.

don't blame it on them... it was your fault


In my opinion, VCA is all about making the numbers. There are some caring people who work for the hospitals who got caught up in an aquisition when their business wasa sold.

You are better off with a private practice where the doctor takes pride in his/her work and doesn't have to worry about making the numbers, isn't hiring young inexperienced vets, and doesn't push additional services on you. I'm not impressed with VCA's policies or track record.


I find it disgraceful that so many people choose to share their uninformed and unqualified opinions on the "right" the VCA had to keep your beloved companion, and that you should be grateful to them for their disservice. The internet emboldens the most spiteful and craven of personalities, allowing them to sow their rancor behind the shield of anonymity.

I've personally had similar a experience with the VCA regarding the withholding of lifesaving treatment, and I have no doubts that they may try something like this with other pet owners.

In short, I suggest that any reading this heed the warnings given by the original poster and myself: if you love your pet, avoid the VCA at all costs. I don't think I would even trust them to properly euthanize an animal.


You should be happy that your cat is probably happy, healthy and living with someone that can pay for emergency vet bills. You should be ashamed of yourself for deriding VCA. You didn't have the money to pay for your pets healthcare therefore they decided to do the right thing and have you sign over your otherwise healthy cat, do surgery to remove the foreign body, and find a home with someone that could actually afford to take care of him.

In your world they should have done surgery for free or agreed to accept payments from you that most likely would have never come. In another year you'd be back with him and another foreign body requiring another surgery that you couldn't afford.

Pets are a luxury not a necessity. If you can't afford to pay for all of their healthcare, routine or emergency, you shouldn't have them. You should be thanking them that they didn't just send him home with you to die a painful death.

Stop being so selfish.

to anonymous7775 Cold Spring, New York, United States #780298

hey anonymous7775, you stated "You should be thanking them that they didn't just send him home with you to die a painful death." but that is exactly what they did to me and my dog at the Odell Ave VCA death camp in Yonkers NY. Thank God my Vet was 10 minutes north on the saw mill river parkway in Dobbs Ferry NY.

The good Doctors there saved my Boys Life and for one third the price quoted by your band of thieves!

Hollis Center, Maine, United States #245192

VCA over bill and lie to people, they are a big company that just take your money.


first of all, i don't believe that vca abducted your cat without your consent, that would be illegal. I'm sure you had to sign some sort of document that gave up your rights to your pet.

in addition, your estimate for a surgery elsewhere to remove a foreign body, the string, from your cat is obscenely low. i'm sure that you may have taken your cat their for surgery with the idea of only paying 500, but most likely after everything was said and done, you most likely would have had a bill well over 1500. in the end, these people were not trying to hurt you or your pet, they were just trying to provide another option other than a slow and tortured death due to the string that was slowly eating away at your cats intestines.

call them cruel or heartless, but the bottom line is that if you want to be a responsible pet owner you have to have the money available to treat unforseen problems such as a foreign body. you should thank them rather than villify them.

to selma #780300

How long you been working there Selma? Are you the tech that gets rid of the bodies?


I have had many bad experiences over the years using VCA. Yes, they are in it to run the bills and inflate. I and my friends and family & neighbors stay far away from VCA.

Anna, Illinois, United States #234399

I look at it a different way. If they only cared about money, why would they even do the surgery, as it cost them money to do it.

why not just put your cat down and save the money?

I think you should be happy that they saved your cat's life, period. They didn't have to , you know?


They are evil! The owners only pay the vets comission based on each bill!

They will always rob you.

Sorry that these monsters stole your cat. Look up on the net they rob people, the shot cost a dollar and look at their prices!

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