I took my beloved cat to VCA in Albuquerque, NM and they torchured her with treatment, upon treatment for her cancer. They then called to tell me that she was ready to be picked up and offered a good prognosis.

Prior to her scheduled release (after a week) they decided to give her an unauthorized blood transfusion. I went to pick her up and was told that she was doing great. They brought her out and she was unable to walk, keep her head up (it drooped), and as soon as we got her into the car, she began to vomit and had uncontrollable bowl movements. Within 24 hours it was obvious she was not going to make it.

She refused food, and still could not walk or lift her head. We took her to a local country vet and he said it was time to say goodby.

The $3,500.00 bill was eventually cut in half as they agreed that she was improperly treated. After many years of loving this animal it still hurts that she had to die the way she did; it has been over 6 years and I am shocked that these mutilators are still in business!

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Harrisonville, New Jersey, United States #160811

A vet we had made the best dog in the world suffer horriably in the end. Dumb A## finally called at 2 in the morning and said he gave pills for dog, she do great(guy is Indian) I told him if I ever saw him walking across the street, I'd gun my engine and run him over.

No animal that was your companion should suffer like that. My condolances to you, she is resting and waiting at the rainbow bridge for you when you pass, that's what I believe, my pets will be waiting for me there.

Time eases the pain and you start to not hurt so much. If you could get away with it, I'd deck em.


They used waterboarding? Or did they cut off one paw at a time to get an answer out of her?

to SALLY Cold Spring, New York, United States #780467

Sally, are you related to that former marine that threw the helpless puppy of a cliff in Afghanistan a few tears ago by chance. if not you might consider proposing to him, sounds like you two would make a *** of a pair? both your hearts might constitute an Ice Cube!

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