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My husband and I took our dog to VCA in Castle Rock, Co due to our dog having siezures after an extensive examination we were told that our dog had cancer and that the doctor did not know how long he would survive it could be a week to six months she informed us that she was giving him a shot that would stop him from having the siezures and that we could take him home. after a 300.00 vet bill we left.

Two hours later our dog had another seizure and then they proceeded to take place every two hours there after and were becoming violently stronger. After only 6 hours we had to immediately run him back to the vets only to be told that they would have to euthanize him. As is standard proceedure they went over the diffrent plans for the euthanization and then they outlined the costs involved there were various packages, we are not rich people and having already just paid 300.00 six hours prior decided for the cremation of our animal which we were told would be $248.00. We were ready for this we signed the documents and 45 minutes later our dog was laid to rest.

During the conversations with the Doctor and her assistant were were informed that they did not realize that the dog was one of their employees, my son happened to work for them just months prior and they expressed their sympathies, the doctor then informed us that they don't normally provide this service but they would provide us with a paw print of our beloved Sam before they cremated him. We were getting ready to depart at the early hours of morning of 6:15AM and I was standing waiting with credit card in hand we were the only people in the entire office as we came in for emergency care. The gals at the front counter were pulling up our account from the night before, now mind you they would already have known from the 45 minutes previous what the charges would have been and the doctor did leave our presence so that we could morn our beloved pet this was for about 30 minutes plenty of time to process any paperwork, now it is and has always been our understanding as the sign right on the counters say payment is due at the time of services, after a few minutes the doctor came out front and informed us that not to worry about the payment. We left feeling greatful at our time of loss.

We have not recieved any bills from the VCA since then until about two months ago we started getting phone calls from a company called Avinex claiming that they were trying to collect on a bill for the euthanization of our dog. I tried to tell them we were told not to worry about the payment, they said that they had proof that we owed by the signed documents with my signature. I told her that this was a requirement in order for the dog to me euthanized. We even talked to Sara at the VCA in Castle Rock and she said that she talked to the doctor and that the doctor told her that she did not tell us we did not have to pay, we were then told that Sara checked with my son and that my son told her that he specifically told her that he heard the doctor say that we would have to pay as well.

I did check with my son and he told Sara that he was not paying attention and did not know what was being said. I am more than angry about this because at the time of the services I had the money to pay and now my situation has changed and even the 268.00 is alot.

I personally will not take my animals to a VCA Animal Hospital again.

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The doctors only work on comission from each bil.


Most veterinary clinics do not expect pay the day or euthanazia, but they do expect to be paid the next billing cycle.

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