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On 6/8/18, my Chihuahua had a dental cleaning with anesthesia. Dropped him off around 8:18 am and went to work after. Around 12:30 pm still had not heard from the VCA to tell me how eberything went so I called them and was informed that Zeus is still in surgery. What? Really? It was only a dental cleaning. The receptionist said she would call me one he is done. 3:30 pm rolls around still no call. I callwd to see how Zeus was doing. The receptionist said, "The Dr. Will call you back." I said, "OK."

Dr. Called me back to say that Xeus had several seizures and was rushed over to Angell Memorial Hospital. I said, what? He never had any seizures and I said until he went to your dysfunctional self and hung up and left work and went straight over to Angell Memorial Hospital. When I get there and see Zeus he was happy to see me and ready to ho. He had thatbig old port on his head with blood on his forhead and a port in his right leg for intravenous." I just broke down and cried. How could i have had this happen to him. I put a healthy dog into the hand of a vet i did not kmow but trudted the VCA. I should of listen to my dog who was talking and crying in the car because he knew something terrible was going to happen

They/Dr they gave my dog too much imtravenous and neglected this size and weight.

I would never ever bring or revommend an animal to that clinic. They messed up a healthy dog intentionally into an epilepsy who will take medication for the rest of his life.

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Wow. I don't even know what city/state this was in but I had a similar incident just yesterday as well, but w/o the seizure and hospital stay.

Hope the pup is ok. My dog went in for a cleaning and my experience with the staff as well as my dog not being herself yet and its been over 24hrs was not pleasant. The staff was the worst but my real issue aside from my dogs behavior thus far, is with the handling of my dog. Upon bringing her out she was yelping, literally screaming and no one cared to see what was wrong.

The DOCTOR finally comes out with her on that rope leash thing and I had to snatch my dog up to stop him from choking her.

That small incident along with how my dog is acting now has me online searching and now I know this is an issue the company (in California) needs to know about. Never under estimate the power of the people or a Dog owner.


Please do not blame yourself ! You did what any normal , loving, pet person would do !You took pup to the vet ; you must be able to assume confidence in competency of service at times (even though it is a large leap of faith). We do it to ourselves hardly thinking of the consequences, but when it's your little buddy for whom you feel responsible in all ways at all times, it hurts even more to see an unsatisfactory outcome.You have a big heart and "your dog" is highly fortunate to be "YOUR DOG" ....

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