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I took my large breed dog to the VCA Animal hospital in Aurora b/c he was lame and his gums were pale. I should have known it wasn't going to be a good experience b/c as soon as I got there, I called to have somene to help me get my dog out of the car and the nurse stood out in the parking lot asking me about what had happened with my dog on a gurnee having difficulties breathing!!

I had to tell her he needs to get in the hospital and they can ask me questions later. That brings me to Dr Jason Pieper who has the worst bed-side manner in the world!!! Never gave me any hope of my dogs survival and couldn't tell me what was wrong with him. Ran one ultrasound on my dog and told me he didn't find anything and spent the rest of the time talking about my dog's possible/pending death to me as opposed to trying to figure out what the next possible steps could be.

Needless to say, my dog died at the hospital. Mind you this was a healthy dog who had just had a check up at my vets office earlier that same day!!!

The next morning the vet on the day shift called my vets office to tell them the horrible news and after hearing the syptoms, my vet was able to diagnose that my dog may have died from bloat.

I feel that from the syptoms I told the nurse and Dr Peiper, which were the same symptoms my vet had gotten and was able to determine the possible cause of death, then the possibility of bloat should have popped in his mind and my dog could possibly be alive today if treatment would have been performed appropriately.

This was my first and only visit I will ever pay to VCA Animal Hopsital in Aurora!!!

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Tony Botz
Tamalpais-Homestead Valley, California, United States #215239

VCA lies please stay away! It doesn't cost $400 for cold! Tell them people are waking up!!!

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