I, Adriana Gonzalez, called this hospital to help my dog, they said to bring her over and for about $100 for the consulting her conditions.when we arrived there they gave me papers to fill out, and they continued to let more animals pass while my dog was still bleeding out on my mother's arms. finally the bring her in, we went to a room and the doctor came in and didn't greet or say his name.the only thing he said that she has an 83% of saving, but he said that unless we pay him $2000.00 he wouldn't check her, without having the money at the time, she suffered a lot and bled out on my arms.

we want justice. not money

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Do you expect a doctor to let a patient die? Or would you expect them to help and work out payment?? You are an....well, you already know!


I am so sorry!! They told us they had a surgeon there and could help ours.

He had a hernia and his bladder was trapped. After keeping him there, no pain meds and he was in agony, telling us his bladder was not trapped and pointing at something as proof, saying that it was not his bladder but a mass and he probably had "cancer"...they then came in and said "RUSH him to Blue Pearl. We can't do anything here!" What? Had we not gone there, wasted all that time...our baby would have lived.

The screams he made on the way to Blue Pearl will HAUNT me forever! My prayers to you!

to Snow12 #1591905

I'm a Vet professional and what you're saying here makes zero sense. None.


Who was supposed to pay for her surgery? Why do you have a pet if you can't afford veterinary care?

Do you take your car to the mechanic and expect them to fix your car for free?

Do you think a business should offer you a payment plan if you do not have sufficient credit for a credit card or care credit?

to Anonymous #1443740

Why are you a smart ***

Los Angeles, California, United States #923804

Wow, that is disgusting! I am so sorry! How sickening.


I am so sorry, honey. That is all I can say here. I wish there was something I could do.

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