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Dr Laura Hedlin charges twice as much as i ever paid for standard services like blood work, x rays and office visits. I also believe that she used my dogs age to convince me to do additional unnecessary tests and sending me to the VCA oncologist based on her inept reading of blood work.

When I got to the oncologist, my dog was eating milk bones anfd playing and they wanted to cut him open and have serious surgery on a soft tissue sarcoma that was unconfirmed and clearly not affecting the dog. The lump had been tested twice before over th past 3 years by vets in PA and CA and showed only fatty tissue. Even if the need was there for the surgery, i needed time to weight risk, recovery time, slow growth of the mass and local nature of potential cancer as well as my dogs age (12 yrs old). The Oncologist Anne Scope was prepared to send him straight to surgery.

This VCA org hit me for $500 for two visits, bloodwork and an aspiration and thought they could get another 2500-3000k from me quick. I have since found another vet and my dog is doing fine. i consider their play on my emotions and poor medical advice purely motivated by profit and highly unethical. I would not recommend The Aspenwood VCA, Dr.

Laura Hedlin or the Alamaeda East VCA and Anne Scope to anyone. Both are in Denver.

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VCA Animal Hospital in Hermosa Beach, CA is exactly the same. My dog has a history of skin problems from allergies. the last vet I saw at VCA decided the best thing we could do was keep my dog on a long term maintenance of antibotics. But they only give us a prescription for 30 days and I have to call 48 hrs in advance to refill. Everytime I call for a refill, the staff says "we have to run it by the Dr." and i usually get a different staff vet who doesn't bother to read my dogs chart.

Last time I got some stand in vet working on the weekend, my daughter took the dog to the vet because I was working, by the time I got to the vet's, this "stand in" vet wanted to do $980 worth of testing and blood work. I said "for what, he has cronic problems because of so much in breeding" his skin allergies are NEVER going to go away.

VCA animal hospitals, no matter where located gouge their customers.

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