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Wow. I just learned a long-time employee at Tender Care in San Rafael, California was actually fired for coming in early. (Pamela, the previous owner of Tender Care, sold the business to VCA but remained senior vet.)

To VCA: Wow. I think that's an ugly service message to customers and employees nationwide. If you are proud of this type of policy you should run an ad campaign touting it - ask a PR firm how they think it will go over.

To Pamela: How can we trust our fur-baby to someone who gets in business relationships with corporations that treat people this way? You claim to be a holistic practice but your business partners are clearly cutthroat capitalists (who probably think holistic is a golf term).

  • Tender Care Veterinary Hospital
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Miramar Beach, Florida, United States #856934

Sounds like Banfield--avoid like the plague

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