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The VCA Animal Hospital in Parkersburg WV on Dudley Ave sent me home with 2 very sick cats...the one that supposedly had hairball problems and they gave me medicine for that, actually had a temp of 104 degrees, was dehydrated and had pneumonia. That was 1 1/2 weeks ago and he is still at another vet on a feeding tube.

The other one had 1 temp of 105 and they sent him home sick and he also had to go to a different vet. when asked if he wld die, I was sneered at by one of the techs. The first cat was actually screaming every time he had to try to cough as it was very painful for him. And the 2nd one could not breath due to having a severe upper respiratory infection.

Then they wanted to charge me for 2 office calls...all for sending 2 very sick animals home with fevers.

They should be checked into as I have heard that other people have had the same problem. It's not right and it is very hard on me to see my babies that ill and not able to do anything to help them by myself.

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I also had a sick cat that they kept sending home. Had to insist that they keep her overnight on an IV.

At least the did not kill her like Valley Vet in San Gabriel. Am currently trying to find out where to file a legal complaint against this vet.

The killing was on purpose (I wasn't suppose to know about it) so they can charge you for cremation and the cost of an urn. Beware owners of old and sick animals, that's what they're looking for.

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