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At the VCA Hospital at Sierra Vista, AZ, we received notification for needing to update our dogs for Bordetella (Kennel Cough) in the mail.When I showed up the vet insisted that I had to get all shots for my dogs, even though all of the other shots still had several months to go before needing to get new vacinations.

I asked them why was it necessary for them to get "all" shots and I was told that "this is the way we do this in the hospital". For example, our dogs have a current rabies shot (was vacinated less than one year ago) that is good for 3 years. A three year shot is "legal" in AZ. They insisted on giving the shots.

As a result I paid a fortune for unnecessary shots, and I have another source that I can used that charges much less for shots than VCA.

It REALLY appears that they are trying to make money (profit) at the expense of animal care.I can't trust their judgement now, because I don't have confidence now if different tests, lab work are really necessary, or is a quick way for them to make a buck.

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I have to disagree with this post.First, i have been a Client for years and years.

Never have i expieranced one of the doctors demanding this type of preventative care. I think you misunderstood what was being said. Maybe you were not listening. The care a VCA has always been wonderful.

And lab work is a very important part of RESPONSIBLE pet ownership.How else would you be able to know what is going on inside, with vital organs?

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