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VCA Alexandria Virginia Animal Hospital Emergency rooms forced me to euthanize my poor little MinPin. 16 hours and 2400$ later she had pneumonia and for another 1800$ they would keep her another day!!

It was the weekend. I was visiting. They sent her home than at 0300 we went back because poor Hermione could not breath. The one vet told me she could probably pull through with a fighting chance and the other said she was not getting better on oxygen antibiotics etc.

I had to make a horrible decision based on their horrible beside manner and bad diagnosis. I was totally traumatised. The vet killed my dig in 60 seconds.

Walked out the door and never came back. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am not understanding the whole story. Perhaps you could write it again, from the very beginning to the tragic end in detail, so everyone that reads it will understand exactly what happened.

I am so very sorry for your loss. So very sorry.

to sarah #1027564

The whole story is that VCA is a US corporation not a private veterinary clinic and it charges gross amounts of money to pretend to help your ailing pet. It is not that difficult to understand.

Do you think it is ok to charge 1200$ for a DAY to keep your pet in a pet hospital on Oxygen? ? That's more than a person would pay at a hospital. Pneumonia does NOT mean death or lots more people would die.

Yes it is the vet's fault to be more concerned about making money than caring for animals you uncaring uninformed ***.

Clearly you did not read the posts and/or know anything about owning an animal that is a part of the family. Shame on your for posting such ignorant remarks.

to Anonymous #1036290

1. I highly doubt $1200 was just for your dog to sit in a cage on oxygen.


If you think that a person being hospitalized is less than $1200 per day you are out of your mind.

3. Unfortunately, lots of people die from pneumonia, especially when their immune systems are compromised by age or obesity. I can't help but notice that your dog looks older and is extremely over weight. That did not work in her favor.

I understand that there are bad vets out there and there are greedy vets out there, but your dog was obviously extremely ill and was not responding to treatment.

They offered you the choice of humane euthanasia.

You elected to do that, and then what? Shouted from the treetops that they killed your dog?

to Anonymous #1058288

I was hospitalized for 3 hours after surgery. $2,800 just for the bed.

Didn't include price of fluids, meds, etc.

$1,200 for a day for an ill enough pneumonia pet that death was impending seems kind of low to me actually.

On oxygen. IV fluids and meds, constant monitoring with SpO2 and other things, frequent checks by nurses.

Shreveport, Louisiana, United States #994675

It sounds like your dog was dying of pneumonia. How is this the vet's fault?

Even doing everything, sometimes pets don't get better and the humane thing to do is put them out of their misery. Would you rather them keep taking your money, your dog suffering during treatment, and dying of the disease anyway?

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States #972684

That's how long a humane euthanasia takes. It's not easy, but sounds like your dog was sick. Why are you blaming the veterinarian?

to Anonymous Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates #973206

You are an *** and did clearly not read the entire posting.

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