I've heard awful things about the VCA's in Los Angeles. But I needed to find a Vet in CT.

so I went online and they had a COUPON-for a first time client Free exam. I thought let me give them a chance, I needed to take my dog in for his outrageous itching. Every exam my dog has ever had they always take his temperature. But not at VCA all they did was address why I was there.

cleaned his ears to the tune of $36.80 which they didn't tell until I saw it on the bill and medicine for his ears which i bought was $38.21 I did want his anal glands expressed and that was $41.80 (which his grooming always includes expressing the anal glands and the entire groom is $45. When I asked the Dr. can you take his temperature as part of the exam- she started to talk about it , until she saw I wasn't going away did she then reluctantly ask the vet tech to take his temperature. The word exam to me means take temp/ check vitals and then address why I've brought my beloved animal into you.

WOuld I go there again- No WAY- the "FREE EXAM coupon " is just to get you into their doors.

Does this kind of treatment build up customer retention I don't think so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Grooming Service.

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- I agree that vitals and diet history should be part of any exam even for skin problems. When I go to my dentist, I ask for an estimate first, then i'm not surprised by the bill.

Laine, How do you know it was the corn? You admit you were feeding your dog a low quality food.

Perhaps your dog improved because you improved the diet quality and it was not neccessarily the grains. Good way to prove the point would be to challenge her with corn meal or cooked corn (but not on the cob!)


Did they bother to ask you what you were feeding the dog? I had my dog on a low quality feed with corn in it, and she itched like mad.

When I switched her to a grain-free food, the itching stopped like magic.

VCA's prices seem to be outrageous no matter where they're located. It would have cost me twice what I paid at another vet for my puppy vaccinations.

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