Cottonwood, California

On a March 2012 visit I was charged for two boxes of heartworm pills, which I didn't receive. I didn't even notice on the bill that I had been charged for them.

In September when I ran out of the pills I had I went to purchase more. They told me I couldn't buy anymore as I had purchased a years supply in March. I told them I didn't buy any in March and that I was out of pills. They gave me two pills to get me by.

I came home, got my receipts and went back to the vets. I told the girl I saw where I was charged in March, but I did not receive any pills that day, she must have forgot to give them to me. She told me "I know you have the pills, go home and look for them!" She also told me I couldn't buy any more pills until next year. I ask what am I suppose to do about giving my dogs a pill each month if I don't have any on hand.

She said if she sold me more I would be overdosing my dogs. I told her again I don't have any pills at home and I would never harm my dogs by overdosing them.

Again she said "I know you have two boxes of pills at home, go home and look for them!" Her ego would not let her admit that they had made a mistake. So I'm out over ninety dollars and I have no pills for my dogs.

Sharon Ferrari, Redding CA

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