We loved our verterinary office. All the vets were wonderful.

Then it got bought by the VCA conglomerate. Our dog has been on medication for glaucoma. Literally overnight the prices on her two prescriptions more than doubled. I had to call three times to demand an explanation.

I was simply told that was the new price.

The next time I picked up the meds, I complained to the girl at the desk, and was told I wasn't the only unsatisfied client, and that the employees had been "screwed over" as well. I am currently shopping for a new vet for our five dogs and a cat.

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Cold Spring, New York, United States #780465

To d.vt, it sounds as though you are somehow in the medical profession. While there was no mention of an actual written script, where else could she go but to the clinic that had records of the script being issued.

Also, in some of your other posts you recommend asking questions and comparison shopping for pet care. However it is also well documented in many of these posts that the vets at VCA become combative and stolid once you question their diagnosis or their competence.

That being the case anyone in their right mind would run, not walk away from these chain store, money making, death camps! To "VCA is evil" direct, succinct, correct, and very funny!


They X-Ray your wallet! :cry

Hollis Center, Maine, United States #247017

The commit medical fraud everyday and people just drink the kool-aid.

Tamalpais-Homestead Valley, California, United States #216193

VCA animal hospital only pays the vets comission on each bill.

Tony Botz
Tamalpais-Homestead Valley, California, United States #215237

VCA Staten Island lies and over bills people!

They think all Italians are dumb. They lied to me and I proved them in a lie. :(


They are bad news!


You can take your written prescription for the meds and use it somewhere else. Some pharmacies that dispense human meds will dispense animal prescriptions.

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