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I signed up my dog GG for the care club and have basically received nothing over the past year. I did this mainly to cover her teeth cleaning.

When I scheduled the teeth cleaning (which is included with signing up for the $50 per month care club cost) there were many "add-ons" that were not included in that service. "anesthesia, medications, etc. After that I called within a few months to take advantage of the other covered services that were to be included in this "club". I wanted a routine exam.

they told me if nothing was wrong with GG don't bring her in.

I just called about having her nails trimmed and was told that was not a covered service. this has been the biggest waste of money and I am in the process of cancelling this service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Careclub Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

I didn't like: Care club was ripoff.

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I signed up for the care club, because my dogs needed to have bad teeth extracted, but it still cost me $600 additional dollars on top of the $1200 a year cost for Care Club. I have been hesitant to renew my oldest dog, because I have been paying $200+ a month for my 2 Small dogs. I am on a fixed income and wonder if it's truly worth it?


This program has saved me a bunch of money. My baby is young, she's turning 3 so I'm in the adult dog program.

The bill for all of her shots, fecal exam, and blood work would have been over $450. I paid $34.99 a month. She has unlimited visits and free nail trim once a month.

I also get a discount on daycare, boarding, or anything else I purchase through them. I'm guessing when she gets older it might not be worth it, but it has been amazing so far.


I do not know what hospital or veterinary office you went to, but I have all three of my dogs on Care Club and before we signed them up we were told upfront what was covered and what was not covered. The three vets that take care of my dogs, Dr.

Salmon, Dr. Hauser, and Dr. Ansem are terrific and I would not take them anywhere.

My dogs teeth have been cleaned and when I neutered my male dog, he had to have teeth extracted and I had no extra charge. They are not a rip off, perhaps you just were not given the proper information as I was.


They MAJORLY ripped me off as well! I attempted to the right thing by a feral cat and they wound up charging me - through this stupid club -- over $700 for a spay!!!


Actually, I have been so happy with the care club. My dog, Miller, is a very sick dog...a heart murmur, an enlarged heart that is way too big for him that he basically chokes himself without meaning to, a hernia, and congestive heart failure.

With the care club I can take him to see his Dr.

anytime I feel there is cause for concern. It's really been a huge money saver for us.


I have belonged for 4 years and have felt that I am getting a good deal, until now, I just learned that when my dog turn 7 this January (they call her a senior!) the cost for the plan will go from $49.99 up to to $80 - a 62% increase - without adding any services except for 5 x-rays if needed. This makes no sense as this is prepaid health services, NOT health insurance. I will be canceling before then.


Yea, this was a waste of money for me. I should not have signed up for this.

I should have just found some real pet insurance.

MY dogs are pretty healthy and usually if I go to my local vet, the amount that I would spend per year on this program is substantially higher...especially if my dogs don't need to go to the vetr like that. I won't be doing this again, I PROMISE that!


When we took our dog in for her teeth cleaning there wasn't any extra charges. They covered anesthesia and everything.

They did warn if she had to have any teeth removed that would cost extra. It has covered all her shots and appts.


I do my own way, every month I put $100 in a separate saving account for my Dog. Now he is 6 years and have $7200 in his account Niku

to Anonymous #1591813

just thinking about doing this! confirmation!!!


I can't find anything I am looking for. I can't even log in now.

I am trying to find out if it can transferred to someone else not the dogs? I know they say it only can be use with the dogs that I signed up. My husband is deathly ill and I had to give them back to the breeder. So that is why I am asking.

I never, ever give my babies back. But this was the very best for them.

I found if you transfer somewhere else most don't let you use it. I am just wonder if I can change the name on the paperwork


That's how they get you. We went in for a dental cleaning consult and they sold us on the package.

In our situation we were rightfully able to get out of the "club" due to being misinformed. The initial vet told us our pet needed a dental cleaning and sold us the package. We went back for a second opinion with another vet at the same practice and were told that our pet was NOT in need of a cleaning. I had them cancel the plan.

You're right about the add-on costs. It's outrageous they're allowed to get away with selling this to vulnerable pet owners.


This is not what CareClub is for. Look at their website: https://vcahospitals.com/vca-care-club/vca-care-club-adult-dogs It pretty clearly spells out what is included.

It's not an insurance plan and does not cover everything. It's a wellness plan that covers a few basic things.


I was told that they would cover the cost to neuter my dog, which would have been more expensive because of an inguinal testicle. When I actually scheduled the appointment I was told there would be an additional charge bc it wasn’t considered a covered service due to the “complication”. Am now trying to cancel, and it’s a massive pain.


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I've had great discounts using my VCA CareClub account....the only problem i have is it is not transferable to other offices if you move....we moved and still have to go to our old VCA hospital to get the benefits, which is quite a ways away!


This is very helpful. I had the feeling it would be a rip off when they decided to charge me for the first "free" consult.


I am VERY pleased with Care Club! A no-brainer for me!

ONE yearly visit, tests and shots is over $319!!! Why WOULDNT I pay monthly and hv all of the other routine visits too???Shout out to VCA FAIRLEIGH HOSP in Louisville, Ky -- especially TODD-who always takes good care of my plan and services for my JoJo-- Lemon Beagle--2 yrs old!Sherrie Brown

Melissa Lopez

With the exception of Dr. Tanaka, I have personally had a few issues with VCA general staff where I go.

They have been rude and just plain ignorant.However, I'm confused about your post because you say you only pay $50 a month for your dog. I pay $71.99 for each of my 2 dogs on the care club. I have only had to pay for medications and was offered a nail trim (which I declined) as it is "included" when your pet is already being seen for something else.Most vet hospitals/clinics do not even offer just a nail trim as this is considered grooming. But they may do one if the pet is being seen for something else.Please look at the details of the care packages they offer.

The specifics are on their website athttps://vcahospitals.com/becker/hospital/client-programs/vca-care-clubThe fine print under dental cleaning for canines says_________________________________________INCLUDED IN SENIOR PAWS+ ONLY)Continued oral health can help keep your pet healthy in their golden years. Dental cleaning is crucial to helping your dog avoid gum disease, tooth loss and infections that can spread to the heart, kidney and liver.1 professional dental cleaningIncludes evaluation, cleaning, anesthesia, fluids, hospitalization and dental X-rays*.Tooth extractions and related medications are not included.*Available only at hospitals with dental radiography equipment.____________________________________________In reviewing the care plan details, here are the details under the canine exams section.____________________________________________EXAMS5 visits per year include:*1annual wellness exam*1 semi-annual wellness exam*3 additional visits: exams to care for their skin, coat, weight concerns or any unexpected health needs_____________________________________________If you purchased the correct package and have followed all of the criteria for that package I suggest you contact their corporate office with receipts etc and ask that they correct the mistake and inform their staff. Otherwise this may be a miscommunication on the care plan package you purchased.Note:I did not include any information for the puppy care plan which is for 1 year old and younger.

They do not offer a dental for puppies as it is not something that is typically necessary for under a year old. Unless there are any oral complications.


Agreed. The Care Club is a total scam.

They even charged me for dressing changes after I pay $1000 for a small growth removal.

Impossible to cancel. Help!

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