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VCA animal hospital is clean and the staff is friendly for the most part. However, after taking new puppy there for a wellness check, I was floored by their pricing. Even with a coupon for a free initial visit, I ended up paying over $150.00 for medication for an ear infection and antibiotics for a cough. And they tried to add a de-wormer in as well without even telling me!

When asked if I wanted to schedule next visit or call back...well you can guess what I told them.

I just felt like they were all about the money.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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You brought a sick pet into a veterinary hospital. May I ask how much you expected to spend to help your poor dog?

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #1259876

Very helpful, thank you!

Brooklyn, New York, United States #996914

That's very cheap. You should not complain; if you can't afford healthcare, do not get a pet

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1256827

*** that sh*t I rediculous I spend $1 on any medication thats bullsh*t

Los Angeles, California, United States #938284

A cough and an ear infection sound like they have to be treated. Nothing is free.


ef8bfdd - your puppy clearly wasn't 100% healthy...so why should you expect it all to be free?

Bay Shore, New York, United States #935709

Really enjoyed the experience I had at East Islip VCA. Seems like a great doctor but the dishonesty of the prices are appalling.

I went for first free exam, but what they do is inflate all other costs to cover the free office visit. I've had a lot of experience with Vets.

She was clearly making up prices as she went along. It's a shame that we wont be going back....


if u really read its a WELL exam if your animal is ok and has no issues its a free exam, if your animal had a ear infection then she was not a well visit.

Clearwater, Florida, United States #899555

I have to say, VCA is way overpriced. I live in Clearwater, Florida.

I took my pet to VCA because I heard so many good things about it, well, everything was fine except for the price. The exact same blood test that I was quoted with VCA $246.00 was $100.00 with another very popular vet not 5 minutes down the road...They are very overpriced I will not go back again.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #691614

have you ever been to a vet? that wasnt some backwoods hick?

All vets are expensive. and who are you to say whats wrong with your animals based on what you googled...everyone is so tight and mad when they have to pay money....christ its pathetic

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States #664374

I personally have had very good experiences with VCA. The dr.

is incredibly kind and thorough. I have been in there with and without my kids and she has always been willing to answer all their questions and help set aside fears they may have about various things in regards to their furry 4 legged friends. I was so impressed with their facilities and drs and staff that I brought my girl scout troop there for a tour and they were happy to give of their time to share with the girls and to talk about becoming veterinarians. The staff is always friendly.

They make their recommendations and never did I feel pressured to do everything they asked. They simply provided me the information and it was my choice as to what treatments I would pursue with my pets.

My one pet was having some severe issues and they told me to try to least expensive route first and if that didn't work we could opt for the bloodwork because we were struggling financially. I used to work for a small vet's office as a tech and I was very very impressed with their facilities adn still continue to be!


I was one of the first clients my vet had over twenty years ago. Then he sold out to VCA, and I can't believe how much has changed.

Their prices are so inflated and I don't like how they take the dog out of the exam room to give shots, cut nails etc.

I now take my dog to the humane society for his shots which, are cheaper, and saved almost a $60 office fee. They have a hospital there and the vets there have nothing good to say about VCA.


woof :grin


:( :( VCA Animal Hospital, East Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida is dispicable. They charge outrageous money for services they don't perform and medications not needed.

They took my dog in a back room and came out and told me I owed $327.00 for tests supposedly done and medications he does not need.

I am so angry and feel totally taken advantage of and ripped off. The worst veterinary experience ever in 40 years of owning dogs.


They didn't "***" anyone - Most of the sites where you print out the coupons for free visits SPECIFICALLY state that fees will be charged for meds or treatment - Only the office visit is free. Most of the time, you CAN get your pet's medications cheaper at Walmart or other pharmacies - and using the AAA card can also get you a discount.

This is why clients need to ASK clearly what prices are, and make it clear up front that nothing can be charged without their approval. I have hundreds of vet visits at several different hospitals each year, and have never paid for something I didn't request. In the rare incidence that something gets added without permission, I have contested it, and have had it removed.

When I use a VCA coupon, I consider myself ahead, because regardless of what the meds/etc cost, I've just saved $45-65 on an office visit fee. If your pet needed an antibiotic for a cough and ear infection medication, did you really expect them to dispense these for free too?


I want to echo the poster below me with regard to the difference between corporate vet clinics like VCA and private veterinary practices. I, too, have worked for both types of clinics and there is a world of difference between the care that I witnessed at the private clinics compared to VCA.

The vets at the private practices were always much more experienced and skillful as well as caring. They had a stake in their clinic as well as their community and it showed in the care that was provided. They would gladly work with people that had difficulty in paying for their pet's care whereas at VCA they refer you to a predatory third party credit provider who charges 30% interest. Of which, I am positive that they get a piece of the action for the referral.

The vets at VCA, in my observation, were those that were below par compared to the private practice vets. Below par in experience and skill and, most definitely, in their care for the pets. Most couldn't be bothered to get their hands dirty and spent as little time as possible in the exam room and no time in the treatment room. Arrived when their shift started and left as early as possible. Let me tell you, that the people who were injecting your pet with vaccinations and drugs, filling prescriptions (sometimes dangerously incorrectly that I personally witnessed) and performing x-rays, lab work, etc at VCA were the people that they hired off the street, no special training, very little training once hired (just watch and learn!!) and to whom they paid very low wages.

In contrast, the private vets that I worked for were of a much higher caliber, generally owned and had a financial and emotional stake in their clinics and hired skilled labor. The pay and benefits were much better too. It was in their interest to keep good people. VCA doesn't seem to care who they hire as long as they come cheap. If you bring no special skill or experience with you, all the better as they can pay you less. That is corporate America now and it is all about the bottom line for the stockholders.

I left there as soon as I could as I couldn't stand how they were treating people and their pets. I just think people should know before they get overcharged and possibly lose their pets at these corporate-run clinics and how bad and impersonal they really can be despite their million dollar ad campaigns that attempt to convince you otherwise.


and have worked both private practice and for VCA. Very different business model at VCA.

I believe VCA is all about doing excessive everything to an animal whether they really need it or not. Bundle the packages, make a quota, push sundry services. I will never ever work for a VCA hospital again. Seen too much and I want to save animals.

In my opinion, the quality of vets are not the same as those in private practice.

I have seen too many young vets pushed thru the system when there is more proven expertise down the road in a private practice. You can't take chances with your pets life!


i took my cat to a VCA today and went through ***---waiting rude treatment, ridiculous prices, bad diagnosis and testing...2 hours of waiting and lies...nothing done for my cat--overpriced medication those psychopaths tried charging 60.00 for GENTAMYCIN while its 4.00 at walmart or free at publix....worst horrific experience ive had at a vet's place...they inform you that the pet next door is being euthanized---stay away from this horror place...its a nightmare....


Never go to a VCA Animal they steal your money.


I also left VCA, because of the way they bleed people for money. :p

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