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Very rude, inconsiderate people working there; my dog died after being hit by a car and the following week I went to get his cremains and another person was coming in with their dog being hit and the front lady BARBARA said, wow this is deja'vu for you last from last week huh? UM, NO!

When we brought him in initially, they promptly made us write a $1,000 check, which was fine......then DR. PALM brought us back, told us virtually NOTHING; was told they would keep him but we had to be there by 7:30 am to get him and we said what if he is not transportable? they said, sorry, we close at 8......then we asked to see our dog and was rudely told by the back nurse RENEE we could have 5 MINUTES with our dog, and shoved her hand with 5 fingers in our faces......our dog is laying on a table while the vet is doing paperwork, and one nurse is giving another dog shots and the other is giving a hair cut to a dog!

This IS an ER Vet, why was my dog left there to die on a table so they could give hair cuts and shots???? Then we were sent home, called 30 minutes later and was told he wont make it another 30 minutes....we call back 3-5 minutes later to see if we can come see him before he goes, and they tell us HE IS GONE!!!!

My dog may not have been savable, and I DO unerstand that, but to be so rude and just uncaring is beyond me......I will let my pet die in my arms in my driveway before EVER bringing another pet there.....please someone open up an ER facility for pets that really cares about their customers!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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I am sorry for your loss and the way you were treated. Sometimes when people see animals in crises situations daily they can become cold and callous, and it is a defense mechanism to deal with ill animals, dying, and injured.

Regardless, you and your family should have been treated with respect and concern. I hope you have adopted another dog that can help you heal and move on.

I lost a cat I loved dearly, and relate to your sorrow. I hope in the future that you find a compassionate vet that better serves the needs of your pets and has compassion.


One more thing to add, did you NOT read this?

• Keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject.

• Personal attacks will be deleted.

You ATTACKING my thought process and perception, which has nothing to do with the TOPIC of my message, is prohibited.......GET A LIFE!!!!!


#1. YOU don't know me so YOU dont know WHAT I experience on a daily basis.

#2. THE PEOPLE with the dog getting shots CAME IN while I was in there and said, WE ARE HERE TO HAVE OUR DOG GET HIS SHOTS.

#3. The complaint I MADE is WHAT this website is for, NOT for people like YOU to come on here and talk about perception and how people see what they want and pass judgement, EXACTLY what you are is called PISSED CONSUMER.COM, and that is what I was.....which brings me to last, but DEFINITELY not least.....

#4. THIS was written almost a year and a half ago, at the most devastating time of my life.....WHY would someone as selfish, ignorant and devoid of other people's feelings as you come to this site after all this time and bring up this horrible situation that I TRY every day to forget......


Be Kinder Than Necessary

Because Everyone You Meet

Is Fighting Some Kind Of Battle

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I understand that everybody has stressfull situations and how it can come across sometimes can seem rude or that they are inconsiderate. Did you think that maybe the shots that the pet was getting could of been pain medication because it was hit by a car and the grooming was a pet that was viciously attacked by another pet.

Some people dont always look at the full picture.

Perception is everything so maybe it makes you feel better to say that the whole experience was aweful but did it cross your mind that people only see and know so much?? So why pass judgment on people and a place that is so awesome everynight and the amount of lives that they save and families they comfort is more than you will ever experience.

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