Took my sick cat . I was told he needed test tests, bloodwork,even an ultrasound.

Did everything and they still couldn't tell what was excactly was wrong with my cat. 1st visit doc was very nice seemed very professional.2nd visit took my cat for additional bloodwork and another liver sample waited 1hour doctor didn't see my cat, but I saw doctor leave clinic. Nurse came took my cat, came back 15 mins later and said to go home. They only did bloodwork , when doc called with results I told him that I thought he was going to examine my cat that day, but instead I saw him leaving.

His response was oh I was going to lunch". I told my cat was still not better so I took him again. I waited 1hour again . The nurse that took my cat told me he had a will *** sticker so she wasn't going to examine him .

This women didn't want to handle my cat. I had to take him out of his carrier and put on the scale so he could be weighed.Doc finally showed up told me he would do xrays and remove liquid from abdomen. A few days later I got results said that it looked like it was liver infection . I got antibiotics and a prescription for liver medication, so that it would make him better.

I once again told doc that his belly was swollen with liquid and he couldn't breathe right. So I was told to take him in for more liquid removal and this time they would sedate him. Doc called off on the day I took my cat in for procedure. I told attending doc that my cats paws and body felt cold.

She gave me no response. When I got home from work my poor cat couldn't walk and he was very cold. I thought he couldn't walk because of sedative. I tried to keep him warm.

When I woke the next morning I found my cat dying . He was cold and stiff and barely breathing. Took him to er. Told er doc whole story and she told me that they maybe didn't send sample to lab,because my cat was very sick.

The only thing that could be done was to humanely euthanize him. I lost my sweet cat . Vca did not help my cat. They just put him thru painful and expensive tests for nothing.

Now I'm in debt and I have no pet. I had him for 17 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Good Hope, Georgia, United States #780459

My sympathies on the loss of your beloved cat. Obviously.

The vet took advantage of your love, and ran a bunch of expensive tests, while any competent vet would have been honest and told you it was time for her to cross the rainbow bridge. Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story and I hope you have found a place in your heart to enjoy the companionship of a new one.

Anderson, California, United States #780246

Tanya. We take our animals to the Vet because we love them.

We count on THE VETERANARIAN to have the knowledge about care that is needed(or not needed) for out pets. As far as this pet owner is concerned the learning tools should have been given to her by the VERERANARIAN. That is what they are there for. I am so sorry for your loss of your sweet cat.

I just lost my Rosey Girl few months ago. She was also 17 years old. She started to decline and eatting very little. I took her to vet.

He was honest with me. Told that she is just old and shutting down. Did not do any expensive. Had her put to sleep few days later.

This VET should have been your learning tool. God bless you for loving her so much and being with her at the end of her life.


You said your cat was 17 years old. That's very old for a cat and their bodies naturally start shutting down.

Maybe you are the one who let the cat suffer(not meant to be mean). Obviously at that age, they are already in pain. If you know anything about cats, you would know that cats are excellent at masking pain. As a preditory animal they cannot show weakness to the others.

This is why we rarely see them in pain. If your cat was crying and having trouble walking etc.. It's pain level must have been level 10+. Use this experience as a learning tool.

Hopefully, if you have a new pet, you will take time to really educate yourself on care, needs, expense etc.. of owning an animal. It really is like raising a kid. Just more expensive.

Vet's can only do so much. Just like treating humans, it is a process of elimination and this takes time to figure out what is going on.

Cat years to human is 10 years for every six months. Your cat was close to 86 years old.

to Tanya #780007

Tanya, it must be wonderful to be omnipotent. I am only human, thank God.

I am so relieved that you are out there spouting such bursts of sympathy, support and sarcasm all rolled into your holier than thou arrogance.

I am sure that this person is all the better for your advice. However, your monologue says nothing about the negligent and over priced actions of this vet


I am so sorry for your lost. I lost my cat too dealing with VCA. :sigh

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