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The prices are vastly over inflated.

The vet made a mistake (in handling a feral cat without gloves) and held me reponsible for the (forseeable!) consequences.

The staff was rude and patronizing and much more interested in lining their pockets than caring for animals!!

I brought a lot of cats to VCA (in East Norriton), mostly strays and ferals that I was just trying to help, and they took the opportunity to make as much money off of me as they possibly could.

They are unwilling to forgo a single dollar in the interests of helping an animal.

The hospital manager, Rachel, blamed me for not getting an estimate, even though I had asked repeatedly what the cost would be and was only told what it would NOT be- NO ONE could or would provide an actual estimate!

They have lost a regular customer and a TRUE animal lover for good!

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So you go around picking up stray and feral cats, bring them (you mention you've done this multiple times) to a local business who makes money by providing expertise in the field of animal care ... and then complain because they charge you for the service?

I love animals. I have four pets in my house. I understand they cost money to upkeep. It's a commitment I took on when I adopted/rescued each of these pets (two dogs, two cats).

What I don't like are people with a deluded self perception who think the world owes them a favor because they're "nice" and "do the right thing".

If you want to rescue cats, then rescue cats. If you want to do a thorough job of it, take them to a vet and get them up to date on shots and any apparent health concerns. Then pay the vet for providing you the service you can't provide yourself.

If you don't want to pay then either stop bringing cats to the vet or become a vet yourself.

I know nothing of the particular VCA institution to which you refer, but you have choices to be come involved and, in so doing, where to take your business.

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