I went to the VCA in Berwyn, Il - 2845 S Harlem to get some emergency care for my dog. My yorkie-poo was very ill and emitting black ***/throwing up/lost weight. He was diabetic and I explained that I had recently lost my job, and had problems getting his meds. So, after telling me the fee was 130.00 just to look at him and I was not able to get the care credit. She that the Dr would look at him and let me know. The Dr. examined him and said take him first thing to the AWL and that she had dehydrated him on the house. I asked if there was anything to be done. but she restated to take him ASAP. I left and I took my TK home and he died a few hours later. I Had him 11 years! Had spent over 350 just to get a diagnosis prior and to be treated like that. I begged them to help me. HA! I guess all this rights for animals is just a bunch of hooey.

I would have paid the money as I was getting my money that Tue. But my dog had to suffer because I could not pay the astronomical fee, especially since they are one of the few places open on Sunday.

I called back after he had passed to see the reaction and ?what I should do? and I was told they had funeral/cremation if I wanted it. What I wanted was some care for my friend, not bury him.

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I was in the same situation when my cat became very sick due to severe anemia. She needed a blood transfusion just to stabilize long enough so they could try to figure out what was wrong with her.

The bill was a min of 2000 dollars and I had to pay 70% of the high amount of the estimate which is ridiculous! The low amount I think is more than reasonable. I took my cat to my regular vet the next day and she said the blood transfusion would have only sustained her life for a short time and she would need multiple to stay alive. She advised me that it was time to put my sick kitty down and I knew it was.

I dont necessarily blame the staff because they have to follow policy, I blame corp and all of their money grubbing executives for setting these ridiculous policies. Its not that I didnt want to pay the money, if I had a job at the time I would have scronged the money together like I always did. I even offered to put 50% down and was immediately told to check out and that my cat was going to die. One of the vet tech did talk to me in a condesending manner once she knew i could not pay because I ws supposively giving up on my cat.

Its an awful feeling when this happens and if you dont even have the money in your bank account to cover the costs what can you do at that point? It doesnt make you a bad person, its the corporation that are truley evil in this situaion taking advantage of people in their time of need.


I am sorry for what happened to you and your beloved one(R.I.P.). It is tough, no doubt about it, especially when you loose a job.

But please remember that unfortunatelly our pets can not get job and pay their bils. We human are responsible for their care and well being.

To understand that better please place youself in those doctors or vettech shoes and you think that they can change "policy" to treat some animals for free?! Yes big CORP sucks, just b/c they do not care for anybody, clients or their own employees...


How dare the vet & the tech talk to a customer like that! This economy is BAD!

The middle class is disappearing! You should not tell someone NOT to be a pet owner. Shame on you! I am a head doctor & thought vets were nice people.

This doc is a cold hearted SNAKE & the tech---like other techs of heard about from NICE vets is RUDE & Disrespectful! I have 14 years of college vet tech. I am tired of you people disrespecting clients & doctors.

Go work at McDonalds! SHAME AGAIN!


How dare you call someone a deadbeat (by the way, that's a compound word, you ***). Obviously they were trying to get care for their dog. If you vets and vet techs are examples of vca staff, that's a warning to stay far away from vca!


Just wondering if the "veterinarian" and "vet tech" are working for VCA..hmmm?

The economy is bad. You know nothing about how this person has treated their dog. They have kept the dog alive for 11 years!! They obviously did something right. I'm fed up with heartless people who pretend to care about others--animals or otherwise!

Furthermore, I just took my new puppy to VCA. The place is a rip off!


Ummm, yeah. I'm going to have to agree with Veterinarian.

First off, you say that your dog was a diabetic, but since you lost your job you "had trouble" getting his medication, which I can only assume means you were not giving the medication, which probably led your og to become sick in the first place. Then you complain that this vet would not treat your pet for free.

I don't see this vet as doing anything at all wrong. Please, never get another dog.

Cedar Hill, Tennessee, United States #20310

So you are angry that the vet would not treat your dog for free? You are a typical dead beat who never has the money to take care of his animal. Please do not get another dog because it is obvious that you can't afford one.

to Veterinarian Cold Spring, New York, United States #780537

Veterinarian, seeing what a compassionate person you are, and how prepared you are financially, I will assume that you don't take the earned income tax credit for your kids since you are so prepared huh? What's your advice to an unemployed pregnant woman, abortion? you ***!

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