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I see a lot of disgruntled former employees here but my experience as a pet owner in the midst of an emergency situation with our cat reflects an entirely different experience. Everyone from the vets to the techs to the kid running the cash register were CLEARLY there as a vocation in their love for animals.

The prices are high, I would say 2-3 times higher than a mom and pop pet hospital but if you are in need of specialty or emergency care, there is the very high chance that your mom and pop will send you to VCA for specialized treatment. I was reluctant to go there when I read comments here but now that I have I am hoping other people will not assume that VCA's staff isn't devoted to your pet's highest and best care.

The corporation behind them may be evil but the staff was loving and helped save my pet's life. For that I am truly grateful.

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Cold Spring, New York, United States #779503

ald565, I am so very glad your experience was positive, however, two weeks ago, my Cone Corso a 7 year old male collapsed. He has been a very healthy a vigorous boy all his life.

after spending a week of diagnostic tests including X rays, ultrasound, and research he was diagnosed with a Hemangio Sarcoma (please forgive my spelling) I took all the data collected to the VCA clinic in Yonkers NY after having a phone conversation with someone at the clinic. My boy needed surgery to have his spleen removed. We got there, I re explained what we have already done and the diagnosis. we were ushered into a small exam room and the next person to enter was a technician with an estimate of between $6600.00 and $8600.00.

I was insulted with the costs but he is my baby and I will do what I have to in order to take care of my best friend. I explained that while I thought they were high priced that I would have the money transferred from my investment accounts to either my checking account or even directly into theirs if they preferred. I even offered to put the business manager on the phone with my investment counselor to assure them that I would pay, but that I could not write a valid check for $6000.00 right then and there. I don't know that many people who keep that kind of money in a low interest checking account.

Well with that we were basically dismissed, I was told that they were sorry but they could not help my Boy and we were literally ushered to the door with little more than a death sentence. they even forgot to return the data I had brought with me or my babies collar which I had to go back and collect, and which I did not get everything I brought back. Also, the business manager was a little "*** on wheels" once she found out that I planned to go elsewhere. I eventually went to my own vet and he did it all for a little under $3000.00 and Uno was taken right in.

My Vet took a big chance with Uno as the procedure was done without blood for a transfusion. Luckily my baby is doing very well and still has a few good years to be with me. To VCA, the vets may be good or not, but real vets who actually care for animals including my own good friend would be disgusted at the treatment that VCA will not provide without the scent of cash burning their nose hairs! I know and became very good friends with one of the first veterinarians to employ a cold laser system in NYS.

he gave my 15 year old Weimeraner laser treatments for her arthritis and gave her back the gift of mobility. He never charged me a penny. he even admonished me for trying to stop her from running around his office. he said it was a pleasure to see her free of pain and able to move freely again.

These are examples of true Veterinarians that care so much more for the animal than the cash.

And this man was crippled himself! I have nothing but the greatest of admiration for a true veterinarian, and nothing but disdain for those who pretend to be!

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