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I am so horribly disappointed in my visit to the Lake View, Las Vegas office. On 12/3 I my new kitten in for blood tests because he was very frail.

First, this little guy had no 'meow' voice, but he was howling twice due to them using too large a needle. They finally switched to s smaller one. Really? Even if you didn't have the brains to use the smaller one in the first place, maybe his yowling the 1st time should have been a clue.

Secondly, I expressed my concerns for his back legs falling out from under him, either dropping him to a sitting position or completely flopping to the ground. The vet did not even examine him, just looked at him & said he looked fine to her. On 12/11/11 I took him to another vet, who checked his walking & his eyes & determined immediately he was suffering from FIP.

While I understand that is not treatable, I am disgusted with the lack of enthusiasm that vet showed. And no, I will never use a VCA clinic again, and I've used several in the past.

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Good, you are cutting ties before you have a bigger tragedy. :sigh

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