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Not only VCA but the experience with the Vets from Airport Animal and Meridean Veterinary - All 3 could not diagnose the problems and my dog died in my arms a few days ago.

He ate raw bacon and became ill shortly afterwards and his cornea turned white. All of them could not tell me what was wrong. The MV Vet did an xray and said his liver was enlarged. So she recommended to VCA. He was admitted into VCA and was there 5 days. Their diagnoses, it was a kidney infecction and most likely his eye was causing the majority of the pain. His eye got better one day, then the next day in VCA, it swelled to a golf ball, I elected to remove the eye, but he still would not eat nor did he get any better. It was evident he was still in pain, the way he stood and very weak and puffy. They recommended to send him home so I can care for him. They didn't follow up on him and when I called them to let him know that he still wasn't eating the day and they said to bring him in the emergency to evaluate. So I researched the interenet on his symptons, I learned he had cornea ulcer and pancreatis. I spent 30 minutes to identify his problem and they had 5 days and could not even diagnose him correctly. He died the next day in my arms. The total bill for VCA was $4000.00.

How is a person to know that they don't know any more than you. You trust them with recommendations and they were wrong.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I am very sorry for your loss. I had a similar event just this week.

I took my doggy to VCA because she wouldn't eat/drink and was spitting up all day. It took them 6 days and $6,000 to find it was Pancreatis. We found the answer online as well and couldn't believe the answer was there all along.

They charged $4,000 to get her through Parvoviurs when she was a puppy last year. So expensive, I will never go back!


Sorry, for your loss. :sigh

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