They do not care about their empolyees at all. They are just a number to them.

The only holidays they allow are Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving and if they fall on a weekend, you don't get paid at all for them or get any compensation. When they take over a veteranarian office, they strip you of any title that you had previously, cut your hours immensely. They do not follow their mission statement at all. They think that if they give out first exams for free, people will come back.

For the most part, they do not. Employee spends all that time taking a history, entering information, making a record and all the client is there for is the free exam and nothing else.

They are bullies that don't even allow you to call in sick even though they do allow 3 sick days a year. Heaven forbid you should really get sick and need more time that that.

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