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VCA wanted to charge me $70 dollars just to get my dog a rabies shot. This is a $3 dollar vaccine, you do the math.

I went with a different Vet and got both my dog and cat all of thier updated shots for $70. This is nothing but a rip-off of the public. The law says you have to get your animal vaccinated against rabies and for good cause. I dont dispute that.

But i'm outraged at at Vets that take advantage of this law and over charge just because they are greedy. This is for all those posts out there that say, "if you cant afford a pet, you shouldnt have one" or "you get what you pay for". You people are the problem, you have no common sense and probably get ripped off on a regular basis. I can afford my animals, I just dont see the reason to get ripped off in the process.

To everyone one out there, do you home work if you love your animals.

Research, call and ask questions and put these corporate losers out of buisness, there are honest vets who wont ripp you off, you just have to find them. Ban VCA!!!!

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Anchorage, Alaska, United States #841287

Got charged $145 for rabies vaccination...


VCA is a publicly traded company on the NYSE. They care only about the shareholders.

It's not the veterinarians fault. VCA gouges based on the market they are in. Check their prices from area to area and you will see. Here is how they almost ripped me off.

VCA in Alexandria quoted me at $4000 dollars to put a catheter in a cat during regular business hours. An "after hours" emergency clinic 20 minutes away quoted me at $1500 for the same procedure. Yes, that is half the price for after hours emergency care! Another vet's office 25 minutes away did the procedure and provided two nights of aftercare for $400.

Alexandria VA is expensive, but nothing else there costs 10 times as much the same product/service outside the Washington beltway; not housing, not gas, not food, not anything. VCA is gouging because they know there is money for the taking.

I don't blame the vets, but you should know when you go to VCA your money is for the shareholders. Quality vet care is not only for the rich.


Going to a vet who owns his clinic isn't really going to help. Let's talk money: See, if one hospital in VCA's chain falls short of their projected earnings they can fall back on that company buffer.

Nothing against private DVM's, but if they don't hit their projected earnings, they need to make it up or eat the loss. It sucks, but at the end of the day- everyone needs to forge a living.

to SkaGirl42 Cold Spring, New York, United States #780311

yea, but there is a difference between forging a living and raping your clients, what board of directors chair do you sit in anyway?


Thank You Joe! A rabies vaccine may cost $3.00/vaccine from the pharmaceutical company, but obviously there is going to be a mark up to the consumer. Not only does the hospital have to pay for the syringe and the needle to give the injection, but they also have to pay the doctor/technician that gave it. In addition, as Joe pointed out there is a cost to running a hospital.

Regardless, if you've never seen that vet before, standard of care stipulates that veterinarians must have an active patient/doctor relationship to provide vaccines and medications.

VCA didn't do anything wrong, and to be honest you're just being cheap. People need to stop complaining about vets doing their job. If you just want your dog to get a rabies shot without actual healthcare go to the local aspca's rabies clinic the next time they have one.

The only rip-off is the care you are providing to your pet.


Did the rabies shot cost $70 or did the exam and rabies shot cost $70? I believe it is unethical to vaccinate a sick animal, an exam is needed to determine the animal’s health.

Did the doctor work in a building with electricity, climate control, receptionists and technicians? If so, insurance is required and taxes are paid. If a clinic does not make enough money to pay its workers and other bills, it will go out of business and then they will help zero animals. The national average pay for a veterinary technician is $27K for a vet it is between 58K and 86K compared to average teacher pay $43K (for nine months work) or an MD $148K to $245K, I don’t think many vets are getting rich.

I have never used VCA, I have no idea how they do business. I encourage you to do some research on what it takes to run a business and pay employees.

to Joe #725706

..Thank you. I work for a animal hospital as a vet tech and i do not even make 1/2 of what you quoted.

honestly i could be flipping burgers and making the same amount of money. everyone thinks we are out to rip them off i unpack our shipments sometimes and if everyone could see the amount of money we put out to just get the medications in they would be shocked! A rabies vaccine where i work is 19.50 and a exam 40. The machinery we have is worth hundreds of thousands and then we are required to pay a company to come out an service our machines to make sure they are functioning properly for your pet.

In the end Animal hospitals are barley making enough money to get by. Then add in the staffs personal school debt.

Hollis Center, Maine, United States #247021

Report them to the veterinary abuse network they commit fraud and get away with it.


The shot is more like one dollar or less for them! They are bad news, look for a office that is owned by the DVM.

Hollis Center, Maine, United States #233724

VCA is bad news, they rip people off.


They pay their vets only 20% each bills and if you don't bring in money after 3 write ups your out. :roll

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