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Last Friday my kitty, Pert, died in the hands of the vets at VCA Black Mountain hospital.

Wednesday evening, when I got home from work, I could tell something was wrong with him. There shouldn't have been, as 6 days prior he had been at that clinic. Pert is 10yrs old, so they gave him a good looking over and a complete blood work-up. Low thyroid I was told. We'll write you a prescription for that and phone in a renewal for the prescription he's already been on for the last 3 years, I was told. Yet, here we are 6 days later and Pert is moaning and can't get up off the floor.

I take to VCA Black Mountaing hospital, where his vet works. She aknowledges the situation and runs another blood work-up on Pert, plus x-rays. She says she can't figure out what's wrong with him. Plus, they are closing for the day and I need to take him to an emergency hospital for the night. The doctor there works on Pert throughout the night. When I return for him in the morning, the emergency hospital is only open over night, the doctor runs me through a number of possibilities, but nothing concrete. He does reference the medication that Pert had been on long term - Magestrol Acetate.

I take Pert back to VCA Black Mountain where they continue to work on him for the rest of the day. I went there after work to get an update and visit Pert. He looked bad, but kept his eyes glued on me for the 15 minutes I had with him. The doctor said she still didn't have an answer, but the doctor from the emergency clinic had called her with a notion that it might be Addisons disease. The head honcho at VCA protested this diagnosis, I was told by Perts vet. Addisons is very rare in cats. They submitted the test for it anyway. The next day at 1:30pm they called me at work to tell me Pert was dead. That evening I was called with a confirmation that it was indeed Addisons disease. Pert had just gone through what they call an Addisonian Crisis. In 48 hours he suffered a complete adrenal system collapse; pretty horrible to witness, especially with a loved one.

Since then I've done the research that the people at VCA Black Mountain should have done 3 years ago. Magestrol Acetate has a well documented history of tests by many accredited institutions going back to the '70s. Many testimonials by pet owners as well. This medication was never meant for long term use. That is exactly how you kill these animals. How do the VCA vets know to prescribe a medication for a specific illness without knowing the risks involved with that medication?

I paid them many tears and $1464.00 for this lesson.

Thanks VCA.

Buyer beware - Ed

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Hicksville, New York, United States #711093

I'm sorry your cat died. Addison's is called the great pretender because it can look like anything.

Because of this it is extremely difficult to diagnose.

Also I wonder if you had a communication issue with the staff because cats rarely get hypothyroid, or low thyroid, they normally get hyperthyroid, or high thyroid. Yes it is awful that your pet died but veterinary medicine, just like human medicine is not perfect and not all pets can be saved.


I feel your frustration, this type of veterinary medicine just may be the ugly wolf at the door of every small vet hospital out there. All these ugly but oh so true stories of dead loved ones and inflated prices, no compassion and poor standards.

Stay away from VCA that's all any of us can do. Several have folded up across the country so keep spreading the news.

I spent thousands of dollors just like you and got a box of ashes back. I have to say they are very slick talkers when they reel you in for the kool-aid.


:( I guess the way to make some people pay, is boycott... don't take you animals to the Black Mountain VCA


It is truly awful that they didn't figure out what was wrong with your precious kitty. I am so sorry for your loss.

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