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A feral cat was taken in a trap to be given anesthesia and taken out of trap for examination and spay/neuter. It was not given anesthesia through the trap and was let out, bouned off walls and got up through the suspended ceiling tile. And that is where it is 7 days later. No food or water has been given. They set one trap with a can of *** food i wouldn't eat. No water was provided. I have been trapping for over twenty years, and gave them the following information. Put out water, set up at least 5 traps (that would have been provided) spinkle baby powder on the floor of the ceiling to see if # 1 it up there # 2 if it is roaming around. Set traps in ceiling, in main floor, and in basement. Their basement is such that rooms are divided, so i would set in boiler room in case it slid down vents/pipes.

Saturday they close and return on Monday, so I said to leave food out in ceiling, main floor, basement, if food is eaten then you know for sure it isn't trapped in a wall. This is a mature, long haired feral. The foster parent brought over it's blankets it sleeps on to line traps, treats that it likes, and wet food that it likes, upon checking, nothing was used from the bag, it was left on top of the transfer cage in the office.

This treatment of a feral is unacceptable, if it was an owned cat, a client would have a lawyer over there and treatment, rescue would be different. Feral's many times are treated like second class animals, and this is proof of what is happening. VCA Wakefield MA ought to be investigated for animal cruelty.

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This sounds like animal cruelty laws were broken.

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