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I initially took my cat here for some type of bronchial infection, and the cat returned home with an ear infection. After treating the cat for the bronchial infection and ear infection, on a follow-up visit my cat returned home with an eye infection.

After treating the three infections for over three weeks, the eye infection just got worse and worse. The vet kept prescribing eye drops, even though I told her that they weren't working. I finally took the cat to a vet that specializes in eye infections, and he diagnosed the cat with a perforated eye or eye ulcer. I would like to point out that my cat is an indoor cat and I have not other pets.

My cat certainly didn't pick up all of these problems from home. My guess is that he contacted all of these viruses from the vet's office, more than likely because they didn't sterilize the rooms or their hands between appointments. Anyway, my cat's eye ulcer was so bad that he now may lose his eye! I have already spent over $1000 on vet visits and medicine, and an eye graph or eye remove is going to cost about $1,500!

Crazy that Magnolia Animal Hospital didn't discover these problems sooner, or refer me to a specialist sooner. If you love your pet, I would avoid VCA Magnolia Animal Hospital!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #704204

Arthur.. wanna bet?

My sis took her cat in for routine teeth cleaning. Within 2 days her indoor only cat had a swollen jaw. We feared a broken tooth left in her jaw. After 2 more visits and was determined she had a contact dermatitis infection.

On the 5th return trip I accompanied my sister and asked the vet what the problem was. My sister had 1500.00 into what was supposed to be routine surgery. He suggested it was from stress. I suggested it was because of dirty instruments and cross contamination.

I asked the cat be put on appropriate medication because we were tired of coming back.. needed to wrap this upthe as it might be cheaper to get a new cat.

He got the drift.

Stress?.. sure, the we messed up defense.


There is absolutely no way your cat could have contracted an ear infection or ulcerated eye from the vet. First of all, ear infections and ulcerated eyes are not viruses.

Ear infections are bacterial, yeast, or mites.

An ulcerated eye means that the cornea was scratched somehow - this is from trauma and is not contagious. Please don't spread rumors when you know nothing about medicine

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