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Front desk clerk, Sarah, is allowed to "play" with removed tumors, growths, etc...that are to be picked up and taken to the lab for histopath reports. This is terrible, how can a pet owner be sure the lab results (and the fee is very pricey being that it's a VCA hospital) are accurate after Sarah has cut up the tumor to "see what's inside" (as she puts it)?

What is also very disturbing is the rest of the staff think this is so funny and cute "Oh, that Sarah...she is so funny". This could cost them a lawsuit and I hope they get one!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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I've gone to this vet for at least 15 years and know Sarah to be reliable and professional.


Not every growth removal gets sent to the lab for biopsy. That is the clients choice.

If they opt not to pay for a labratory biopsy, the doctor may want to do one in-house for his or her own benefit.

There are times that employees are shown what to look for. It just so happens that Sarah is very interested in this aspect of veterinary medicine while other employees aren't.


Who cares if that was written by a former employee, it's so crazy unprofessional, and it sounds as if another client saw this behavior themselves. I hope that everybody that has taken their pet to get biopsy's there see's this and complains and they do end up getting a lawsuit. If these people are paying these over the top prices they at least deserve good service and that doesn't include tampered with tests.


My dog used to go there for fluids and I have seen the same thing! I never worked there.


That's the best you can come up with? I bet you used to work there and got fired.

Get a life

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