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I know my boy and he has never been ill in his life. He has had the best of medical care for his entire life as one of my best friends who actually gave me the dog after he rescued my dog from an abusive owner when he was a puppy.

Dr Nesse has taken great care of Uno until he died two years ago. I now take Uno to another friend of mine who also happens to be a Vet. I am also someone who is guilty of anthropomorphizing and treat my boy as if he was human, as I know many other animal lovers are also guilty of. I love this dog more than almost anything else in my life and would spare no expense to make sure he is in top shape.

My 7 year old male Cone Corso collapsed after coming in from his morning walk a few weeks ago. I immediately took him to a local Vet whom I have had experience with and hold them in high regard. Well, after the initial X-ray my baby was diagnosed with Hemangio Sarcoma (my spelling may be in error please forgive me for that) which is basically A bleeding tumor located in his spleen. We then proceeded with an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis and get a clearer view of the tumor.

Needless to say I was heartbroken that my boy was ill. As this Vet was not Uno's regular Doctor, I asked them if they could record the imagery to portable media so that Uno's regular Doctor could confirm the diagnosis and they readily complied with my request. The next day we went to see our regular Doctor who did indeed confirm the diagnosis, and we planned for the surgery. Unfortunately, it seems that blood for dogs is a rarity, and expensive to obtain.

Again my boy is everything to me and so I tried to locate a vet that had blood on hand, turned out that VCA Yonkers did, so I went down there. After a tech came in and I explained the problem and provided them with all the data collected in the last two days for their review. The tech took the data and left the room. Not more than 5 minutes later he comes back with an estimate of between $6800 to $8600 to perform a battery of the same tests and surgery.

I was stunned at the price but again no price is too high to keep my best buddy with me. I wanted to be honest with these people so I told them that while I have the money it would take me 2 to 3 days to get it out of my investment account and into my checking account before I could pay them. I was even willing to put them on the phone with my investment councilor at Oppenheimer to assure them that I had the necessary funds to be transferred. I even offered to have the funds directly deposited to their account.

Now, any Vet worth their salt knows how dangerous any hematoma can be. Let alone one in or near the spleen. the spleen is an organ that is almost always engorged with blood and has three major arteries feeding it at all times. Uno had bled internally but the bleed had clotted and stopped.

however It could tear and he could have bled out at any time. Well after trying every which way to assure this business manager of my ability to pay, she was simply not interested in anything I had to say with one exception, and that was "here is your six thousand dollars". I just couldn't do it that day. Well the result was that the business manager basically told me to take my dog home and let him die!

they ushered me to the front door and did not even think to return all the data I had brought with me along with Uno's collar. I remembered it all after pulling out of the lot and went back for it. When I asked for it the ***, I mean business manager went in the back, collected what she could find and basically threw it at me and told me to leave, and I did so. I drove 10 minutes north on the saw mill river parkway to my vet in Dobbs Ferry NY, and I went in with Uno and all the data I had collected.

Needless to say that Dr S. Ringler and Dr R Mendleson of the Dobbs Ferry Animal Hospital not only saved my Baby Boys Life, but they told me to pay them when I could which I did within 72 hours but they did the surgery, blood work, and follow up for $2,900, and showed me and Uno more compassion in 5 minutes than the entire staff at the VCA death camp did in an hour! But it gets better, after the surgery, my Vet explained that he could not provide post operative care as he was not staffed to do so but that Uno would be well served to have a night of observation. Again I found myself at another VCA installation in Wappinger's Falls NY.They took Uno in with a six inch incision in his belly for overnight observation, charging me $800.00 to watch him over night and I was to return to pick him up at 7:30 the next morning.

I did so only to find my baby on a filthy blanket over an even dirtier floor. is that really post op care worth $800.00, I don't think so. Anyway, my Boy is home and the biopsy came back neg, it was a hematoma not sarcoma thank God. He is doing great, his staples are out and he is eating like a horse to regain the weight he lost, no thanks to VCA!

Please, anyone in the lower Hudson Valley don't waste your money or your time with those bandits in the Yonkers VCA, they don't care unless the scent of cash is burning their noses. Yes I am disgruntled, and yes I have now made it my life's ambition to put these shylocks out of business. They are not Veterinarians, they are Vultures in Scrubs waiting to prey on your emotions and wallet. They have no compassion and lie at every turn!

I have a great respect for real Veterinarians and a great disdain for those pretending to be. Beware VCA, I am now out for your blood even though I'll bet the color is green!

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I work in the veterinary field and can tell you why most vets have to have payment upfront. It's not because they "care more about money" than the care of the pet.

It's because they've been burned by so many people promising to pay, but who never come back. Taking those people to small claims court to get payment is too expensive for vet hospitals, who run on a very narrow margin of profit. I worked at a vet hospital and every single time a person claimed they would make payments, they just disappeared. Now you might claim that YOU wouldn't do that, but we have absolutely no idea.

We cannot predict who will skip out on the bill. Even if someone signs a promissory note, actually enforcing it involves court, which is too expensive for veterinary hospitals to pursue. If veterinary clinics allowed everyone to make payments, they would not be able to actually keep their doors open and help animals. I've worked in the field for years and can tell you that this is 100% true.

So you can't pay your bill right away - what is the hospital supposed to do? Tell its employees that their paychecks will be late? Pay the electric company late? Run out of supplies needed for daily operations?

They cannot use up services, medications, and equipment (which all cost a lot of money) before having payment in hand.

Ultimately, it's the owner's responsibility to ensure that they have sufficient funds to cover unexpected medical emergencies. I have a fund for my animal.

I know if ever a treatment exceeded my finances, I would ask to borrow money from friends and family, apply for a care credit card, or make the difficult decision not to treat. I would not blame the veterinary hospital for my financial short comings.

to In the know Cold Spring, New York, United States #797121

you are obviously a VCA employee, and true to form it seems that you can't read any more than the vets in that installation can practice veterinary medicine. I specifically wrote in my review that I don't need any credit, the money was there, and I quote "I offered to put the business manager on the phone with my investment councilor at Oppenheimer, and even offered to have the money wired directly to VCA's account.

Never did I mention payments or a promissory note! Also, as two of my Best Friends are Veterinarians I can tell you that your a liar.

Both my friends have made a handsome living with many adult toys IE boats sports cars, and lavish homes and their prices were reasonable, not the outrageous thieving that VCA perpetrates on their unsuspecting victims! please feel free to comment again once you learn to read.

to In the know Palm Springs, California, United States #827624

I call ***....that is so not true.!!!!! YOu cannot expect people to have 4000.00 dollars available at 3 am in the morning when your animal needs emergency surgery!

or Higher Or after 5pm and the banks are closed and your ATM is only 2300.00 and the charge is 2500.00 there is no way to get the money when you have the money!!

This is animal cruelty!! If you have the money and you can prove it this is a money game for them and that is it and not compassion for animals!!!!!!

to Bull*** #827714

Thats why you have a credit card you only use for an emergency.

to me Cold Spring, New York, United States #827728

Hey Me, trying to simplify this as much as possible for you, O.K.? This was a comment on Veterinary practice and the need for compassion.

The Economics class is down the hall. But thanks for your input.

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