My 3 month old chihuahua had a distal femorul fracture that needed an operation. I called our normal vet and he said that he could not do that operation but recommended another doctor. I called and he did not open until later in the day and looking through the internet i found VCA. I called and sure enough they operated on my puppy on the same day and was returned home also. Cost $1200.00 but the alternative of a lame leg for the rest of the pets life was unbearable. I was informed to return in two weeks to remove the stitches, i did, and they were removed. Then to return at the 8th week, i called and was told that the Dr. Had a full schedule of operations and could not see my pet until a week later. The first 4 weeks was easy to care for my dog, she was quiet and very understanding of her injury, but from week 5 to 8, as she felt better she became more anxious to get out of her crate and play, so every time she relueves herself outside she pulled on her leash to get some freedom and do what puppys do. Since i can't be taking time off just like that from work, since I also have 94 yr.old mother that I care for after work, i need that time for her and myself, I have a heart problem, so i thought of having the x-ray done and have the Dr. Review it when she had time. Even our vet charges $100.00 for x-rays, VCA charges 168.00. Was there 45 minutes, i saw that 8 people ahead of me, all needed some type of operation. I saw how the Vet Tech would say one thing and the Vet another. This confused the pets owners and me. But what got to me was that the Tech said that a cat that had an ugly formation on her, did not need an operation, that it was normal but needed only some medication and the cat would be fine. Well, the owner of the cat made enfasis that the Vet said that an operation was imperative, wisely the Tech went back to talk to the Dr. and retracted herself that the operation was imperative, not the first time in those 45 minutes she had gotten red in the face. I Noticed that all bills were over a hundred dollars, many needed operations. Well then I saw what this was all about. This is a nationwide animal care facility, they needed a certain income to remain open, it had 4 Vets, two of them surgeons, and 7 Techs. That is a lot of overhead. They are located in the nicer part of town, north San Bernardino, many beautiful animals in that area and money.

My interest is soley that my pet is gealing well, that the pins haven't moved and that no adjustments needed to have her leg back to normal so she can play and run like it was meant to be. Had to leave before the X-ray, needed to be home when mother got up, so i left, thinking i would have take the x- ray taken by our vet and mailing it to her. I figure if she cared about her patients she would have called to see how she was doing and recommend xRay and later diagnosis. After all, they are just animals and a dollar sign, like everything else being sold to pet lovers. Of course if something is wrong, it would be to her benefit, another operation. So I will pay our Vet the 100.00

And pay $2.50 for shipping. they can do anthing thay want to our pets, there is very little liability involved, not like real Drs.

My advice? Have a real Vet that cares and doesn't need a BMW, use VCA only for emergencies. Besides, they recommend a food for your pet that constantly is on the recall list, buy american, not canadian food, buy supplements from brands that have been dealing years with pets, not GNC that is good for humans and that say they don't know what reactions your pet will gave to its pills, but they are expensive and the stores love them because of the profit it gives them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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In my opinion, you get what you pay for in terms of medical care. I've been to the "cheap" vets in San Bernardino that cost a fraction of the cost of Northside, and to be honest, I have been appalled by the lack of professionalism, training and expertise.

Many are outright dishonest, and in one instance for me, killed my beloved kitty all becuase of stupidity and greed.

Moreover, if you go to a specialty hospital or other vets in OC or San Diego, you will find their prices fair and reasonable.

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States #972677

$1,200 for a surgery like that is a pretty good price. What price were you expecting?

I used to work in a veterinary clinic (not VCA), but looked up the hospital - none of the veterinarians are surgeons. They are general practitioners that do surgeries also. To have a veterinarian surgeon do that same surgery probably would have been almost twice the price. Also, 4 vets and 7 techs are about right on - a good balance to always have available appointments for situations like yours.

It sounds like they did their best to accommodate you, and on one day they were a little behind schedule, and you got upset. And are you suggesting to give GNC tablets to dogs?

I hope not. Your last sentence is confusing.

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