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CVCA Animal Hospital in Benbrook, Texas is guilty of very unfair mark-ups on pet meds and price gouging for simple services. They also will perform services and run tests without warning you that you are going to be charged outrageous fees whan you go to check out.

We took our three year old female Pug in for an exam on her anus because she was scratching and biting at it. The exam was supposed to be free because we had a coupon for one free exam because they had just moved into thier new facilities.

Normally we just have her Glands expressed by a Tech there and we pay $15.00 or $20.00 for the service. She had also been shaking her head so we asked the Vet to look in her ears. She looked into here ears with a scope and then removed a small bit of dirt from each ear with a Q-Tip.

When the Vet came back into the exam room she said there was nothing wrong with my dog's ears, and that It might just be allergies. This is where the fun starts. Then the Tech came back with an plastic 8oz. bottle of Doggy shampoo and a 1½ oz. bottle of Dog ear drops. So I get to the check out counter and try to find out how much I owe them for squeezing my Dog's Butt and looking in here ears.

The girl behind the counter doesn't seem to know what she's doing so she has the Tech come back out and try to run up a total. Long story short: The Tech says $157.80! I immediatly feel the RAGE building in my body but it's held back by utter disbelief....WHAT? Since the Vet exam was free I was expecting $16.00 for the Butt squeeze & maybe $20.00 for the shampoo and ear drops together! All total no more than $30 or $40 dollars tops...

So I ask for an itemized bill...finally get the printout and it shows that they are charging me $54.45 for a "Cytology Ear with stain" (which I DID NOT Authorize to be done and knew NOTHING about! Then I see where they are trying to charge me $25.80 for "Anal Glands Expressed" It has always been from $12.00 to $16.00 with the other Tech. When I asked this Tech about the price increase she says "She wasn't charging you enough"

Then I see the shampoo cost is $40.73 for an 8oz bottle of ResiCORT that sells for $17.00 on Ebay and $31.57 for Zymox OT W/1%HC (eardrops) which go for $12.95 on Ebay. Then on top of everything else they have the GALL to charge me $5.25 for "Bio Hazard Waste Mgmt" Had I not brought the "Free EXAM" coupon with me the bill would have been a staggering $213.00 for a 4 minute dog exam that was supposed to be almost completely FREE.

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VCA in Philadelphia charged me $26.10 to excrete my dogs anal glands. My neighbor had it done by the groomer and they charged her $5.00! :(



Thy gave baytrin to my dog as well and charged me $95 for that. They refused to see my dog unless I paid the visit AGAIN for the same infection that their antibiotic did not heal.



VCA is horrible every where.They only care about money.

Read my report, I have the same problem, I paid , did not help my dog and they want more money for a visit to re-exam my dog, for the same problem.

I am taking my dogs to another clinic.:(


I took my dog to VCA in LA (I live in NYC).My little guy had an ear infection.

The Vet came in and came back with a quote of $850.. I kid you not.. Anyhow I didn't ok about three things on the list and manage to whittle it down to $250 (which I was made to feel guilty about no less). Still ridiculous.

The medicine they gave me was baytril in which they charged me a whopping 200% more than what I would pay online.

Well I have learned my lesson.I will NEVER take my pet there again and also warn everyone else I can about these people.


just trying to keep this rip off facility in business It's hard to keep drawing in new customers day after day

P.S. Ryan I only paid $4.00 for biohazard fee why the discrepancy? Less trash on my day?

VCA Animal Hospital

Hi RevMuddy,

We appreciate you taking the time to write about your recent experience and would like to provide some more details regarding our Free First Exam offer in relation to your most recent visit. With our first free exam, the exam fee is waived, but if a pet requires additional testing, medication or other services, it is not covered under the free exam coupon. In this case, expressing the anal glands is a separate fee as it is a separate service. For the ears, if testing was needed, this explains the additional fee as well. If you have any additional questions about prices, your bill and/or would like to speak with a member of our team directly about your visit, we are more than happy to connect you with a member of our staff.


Ryan on behalf of VCA

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