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I came in VCA Rotherwood Animal Hospital on 01/11 to treat my cat (the problem was unknown). First of all it took them 3 day to find out that cat has urinary blockage.

Treatment was catheter and IV fluids. After 3 days catheter been took of and I was able to wait for another 2 days to find out that cat is still not urinating.

When Ireturened on 01/18 and told the doctor that cat is not urinatig she placed him on catheter again. After that I took my cat to the other clinic and another doctor fixed my cat`s problem in 12 hours, by prescribing correct medicine.

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A woman who goes to an emergency room in the mlidde of labor will not be turned away. However, you won't get away from the bill entirely.

They will bill you wherever you live. You can work it out to pay by installments. I suggest that your wife not travel to another country so close to her due date anyway.

That could put unnecessary stress on her and her baby. Postpone the trip if at all possible.

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