I took our new puppy there for the free visit. I had intended on buying their puppy package but after the vet, tech and receptionist all tried upwelling me on it I decided not to.

Vet then told me to try pupp k class. Was told for puppies under 6 mos. Showed up much older dogs and trainer did not show us how to use leash instead taught heel and said it was okay to drag dog behind you and that choking gagging noises were fine. I was very upset about how the class was not as advertised and felt training was bordering on abusive.

Trainer even said that it would take time for our brand new puppy to learn to walk on a leash. Yet she recommended to everyone that they pull their dog and yank them and when it's time to turn just drag the dog. She showed us on two dogs and both times she had yanked the dogs so that their front legs were up. When I called to complain I was told that they couldn't have puppy kindergarten ifnthere weren't enough signed up so this class had been beginners.

That's not what the vetbhad told me nor the supervisor when I signed up. The vet told me it would be a great experience and the pamphlet states that we will learn to walk on a loose leash never mentions heel. Supervisor at first was apologetic but then when I said I wanted my dogs record to reflect that he had been dragged across the floor in obvious distress she started getting angry.

Too bad because they were in such a rush to get us signed up and paid that they handed me the form to waive rights and responsibilities and told me to sign it later and bring it back in. With the up selling of the entire staff and the inabilitynto offer/class service as advertised or even explain that what I'm signing up for is not what is advertised I am never going back there.

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