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As a former employee (veterinary  technician) to a Vca in Philadelphia I would not recommend anyone to bring their pets to any Vca location. It is money hungry, evil corporation that does not Care about your pet, but more so your wallet. I have worked at Vca for more then a year and noticed The client numbers diminish dramatically. Why is this you ask? Well, Vca over charges almost quadruple the amount for what a vaccine should be. Why spend 50$ on a vaccine when you can get the same vaccine for 5$ at the SPCA. Surgeries are a rip off as well. They say you are paying for top quality care when they barely put money into any new equipment. There was a death recently from a dental

Because the moniter was not working properly. The practice also has an anesthetic machine that was hand built In the 1960's. I guess thats top

Quality for Vca. For a routine spay and neuter you will be paying between  250- 400$. Save ur money people and go to the SPCA or a dive clinic and pay 50-100$$. Dentals are the biggest rip off of all. Its a half

*** scaling job used with cheap fluoride paste. Dentals at any vca are 400$ + . And that does not include bloodwork!! If it were up to the dr's it would be half

The price vca charges. As someone who has done multiple dentals on pets I advise you to save your money and look around at other places before you take them to Vca. To the people

Who still go to Vca - do you remember the puppy

And kitten bundles. It was fabulous wasn't it? 300$ for  3 exams , fecals, all the necessary vaccines and more for Your little one. Then only 150-200$ for neuter and spays included!! Seemed To good to be true. I believe i sold over 100 of those

 Packages. People Loved it because they were getting alot for their dollar. Vca discontnued those packages because they said they were losing money!! People were getting to much for there Money !! Vca's new logo is "client  centered, pet Focused". Nothing about that logo is true and should not be used for that corporation!! It should be money centered, money focused". If you are Looking for a career do not fill at an application at Vca. Some Employees that i worked with have not received a raise in 5+ years. The insurance through Vca is also I joke!! I would

Know because I had to switch it to another insurance. They do not care about employees you are just a body paid minimum wage and they expect you to do mexican work. Vca wonders why they are losing clients, but it's All pretty simple to understand. when u raise prices to a ridiculous amount more then once A year, people can not afford a 300$ bill for Simple routine visits!! I've seen people walk into where I worked very happy mostly because of the great staff,  and leave scrating there heads dissapointed because they spent 300$$ and they don't know on what. Vca is run by clueless Millionaires who sit around in there expensive Mansions calculating numbers for what would Make them even richer!! Vca ( veterinary centers of America) more like veterinary center of ***!!!

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Great insight and valuable information. Get your pet spayed for 75.00 to 125.00 at a spay/ neuter clinic.

It is a pretty routine procedure that, depending on the region, costs 45.00 in time and materials. Vets prey on the EMOTIONS of.the owner. In 40 years of owning large and small animals I have encountered probably 4 veterinarians that were genuinely competent, balanced and fair and reasonably charged for their services.

PRACTICING veterinary medicine is just that: literally PRACTICING...

on your pet on your dime. So wise up. Animals are animals. They enrich our lives but they are animals.

Sometimes it's just over. Don't allow a profit minded company rip you off.


In our hospital we treat the animals great... they are our best interest.

Sure VCA may charge a little more, and pay isn't that great but I have been happy in our hospital. I would take my pet there if I didn't work there. When you get an animal it is your responsibility to take care of that animals needs. You are allowed to go window shopping on its care.

Your getting a dental on your pet and think they charge too much? No one is stopping you from checking into other places. we have upgraded equipment in our hospital. I'm sure all hospitals have different ages of equipment but from my point of view we did just as good a job 20 years ago with the equipment we had as we do now.

Sure the equipment now makes things easier to do. Everyone in our VCA hospital goes above and beyond what is expected to care for our patients! You worked for the hospital a that year did you do anything to bring on changes that you thought were needed???

Did you ever stand up and voice your opinion to someone who could work to make the changes you thought were needed? Hopefully you can find a place to work that is perfect for you and you won't have to do anything but show up...good luck!


As a former veterinary assistant who worked for VCA, I couldn't agree more with this post. To say that they overcharge is a gross understatement.

From what I could discern during my employment there, the main goal was to get the client to part with as much money as possible and to make them feel guilty if they didn't spend a fortune on their pets.

It made me sick but I needed a job.

It did not take the powers that be long, however, to get even more greedy and when they screwed me out of pay for working Christmas, yes, I said CHRISTMAS day, I was done with that company. They treat their employees horribly.

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