I've been going to VCA Tanglewood for over 15 years. I had always liked and appreciated my vet and his service. He retired. However I decided to take my puppies in for vaccinations and to met another vet hoping to find a new vet for my 5 dogs and puppies.

While I was in the exam room waiting in the vet I had made an appointment with, a technician entered and took one of the puppies into the 'back' and closed the door.

She returned a short while later with the puppy and took another until all the puppies were vaccinated. The tech tells me they are done i can go check out. I said I haven't even met the vet and I have several questions that the receptionist took down. She just gives me a blank look and leaves the room. She didn't return. I didn't meet the vet either. I don't even know if one was there. They've never done this when my former vet was there. The receptionist tells me my bill is ready and give me the total. So I go to the counter to pay. She asked if everything was ok and did I get my questions answered. I told her, No I never even met the vet and never saw him.

She said she go get the Dr., I told her not to bother, I was livid and just wanted to take my dogs and business elsewhere. She went to the back anyway. When the tech comes up to me and said the Dr was going to come and talk to you. I gave her a message for the Dr. that clearly indicated I was not happy. Turns out the vet behind the door was not the one I had an appt. with. They never bothered to tell me of the change even when they confirmed the appt. the day before. I wrote an email to the corporate office. They forwarded the msg to the office manager. I called her to find out what happened to the vet I was supposed to have a visit. She said she got the email from corporate. As of today, a month later, not one person has responded to my concerns and complaint. Their mission statement is clearly a falsehood.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Manager.

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