Wish I found this site before becoming a victim of this racket. I have been going to the VCA in Bluepoint/Bayport NY location with my chronically ill dog who is 14 years old with diabetes and kidney disease.

He needs life sustaining meds like insulin and IV fluids. I went in and spoke to a VCA vet that she agreed with me that at this point there is no need to do blood work or any other invasive testing on my dog because it's unlikely that the treatment would change. The front desk girl who is nasty and rude made me sign a treatment waiver. I am not ready to put my dog down and my goal is to keep my dog comfortable.

I wanted to just keep up with the current treatment. When I went back to get more meds they told me they would not refill his meds unless I got the blood work which costs 500 dollars. I tried to explain what the other vet at the same location said but front desk pit-bull on the other end of the phone wasn't having it. I'm guessing that the Vet who was compassionate and understanding was new because the usual vet and her minions have no compassion at all.

this was all about was money. This is the most disgusting vet experience I have ever. It's bad enough to accept that you pet is dying and then to be held captive to a 500 blood test that isn't necessary is rediculous. Wish I never came to this vet!!!!

Don't go to any vca vet.total scam artists. Should be shut down for ripping off customers!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's always a good practice to get a second opinion, especially if you get chronic disease diagnosis. If you go for a second opinion, don't tell the new vet you have already gotten a diagnosis.

Let them tell you what they find. I went to a VCA with a pregnant, feral cat that I knew was going to have complications. The snotty, very young vet treated me like I didn't know anything even though I have a medical education and 50 years rescuing and rehabilitating animals. When the complications were now an emergency, I rushed the cat into VCA where they told me it would cost about $1500.

They should have told me on the phone that I would need $1500 BEFORE they would even look at the cat.

I cussed them out, left and found a wonderful vet that rescued 6 out of 7 babies with an emergency c-section AND did a spay at the same time for only $500. (FYI, the one kitten had extreme deformities that prevented normal delivery and she needed to be euthanized.) VCA, never again.


If a human doc didn't do blood tests on a diabetic with kidney issues, they'd get fired for malpractice. That type of patient is a delicate balance. Why should a vet be different?

to Anonymous #1552358

Because it's a dog.......when you start putting pets on insurance and health credit cards your just plain stupid.....not that I don't care for pets.....but as a human seeing the unnecessary tests that were given to myself to no avail and bills that insurance does not pay for in the thousands of dollars.....doing the same for your pet......sorry priorities


Google Dr. Patricia Jordan.

Her first job was at a VCA they are told to Up sell tests. She is a homeopathic Vet and author of Mark of the Beast. My cats were all told they have kidney disease so they can sell the Hills prescription crap diet.

Water is the main thing no dry food. No crap food.


Only feed your dog Weruva wet food and spring water. You can get great products at Petwellbeing.com.

to Annette #1552361

Even that is a farce.....good clean water yes....nut with all of the cats and dogs that I see rummaging through the trash and are healthy as a horse and some almost as big.....I see the food ploy as yet another scam

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