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I took my 3 month old kittens for their booster shots - feline leukemia & FVRCP. Both kittens were healthy.

The vet looked at both of them briefly and gave them their shots. I spent maybe 15 minutes in the room. The humane society I adopted them from recommended VCA hospital for their booster shots. They charged me $237.56!!

Unbelievable for two tiny kittens with no health problems!! I will NEVER go back - they already got enough out of me.

Funny, they send me all sorts of beautiful postcards and expensive advertisements almost weekly. I know how they can afford it!

Monetary Loss: $237.

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This was my bill:

exam $54.50

feline leukemia 27.30

FVRCP 3wk 24.30

biohazard waste 5.25

tax 7.43

total 118.78 x 2 = 237.56

I complained about the exam cost being $109 for 15 minutes of petting and talking cute to the kittens. The staff just said "That's the charge". I think they "absorb" the first visit to stick it to you the rest of the visits. (The first visit was a complimentary "exam visit" which they charged $116.64 to check the kittens out. They did not give hospitalization, fluids, antibiotics or parasite treatment - just petted the kittens)


Yes the average office visit for a healthy pet with vaccines is usually no more than 15 minutes but something does not add up here. I work at a VCA hospital and as a Southern CA VMA member we offer free first exams on all pets coming from city, county or HS shelters.

In addition VCA has partnered with Pasadena HS and we absorb the first $250 in expenses for treating the two most common shelter problems respiratory infections and GI problems. Covered in the $250 is hospitaization, fluids, antibiotics and parasite treatment for pets with diarrhea or upper respiratory.

In addition we send home a free sample bag of kitten or puppy food as well as first free dose of revolution which treats earmites, intestinal parasites, fleas, and prevents heartworm.

Even if we charged you full price an exam is around $57 and an FVRCP vaccine is $14.80, oral deworming around $15. What else was on your invoice?


I don't understand why the Humane Society is affiliated with VCA. I adopted a pet from them too and was given a voucher to VCA.

The Humane Society is in the business of saving animals and VCA seems just the opposite. :sigh

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