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I came home Yesterday evening returning to my 4 year old chihuahua in his cage with his eye popped out of socket. I immediatly took him to banfeild the pet hospital and they told me to go right away to vca animal hospital before his eye ruptures.

I went right away when i got there the vet came and took him from me while i finished checking in. They pulled me and my husband into the exam room and explained to us that it would cost 1200.00 for the procedure and it needed to be done right now in order for him to keep his sight and his eye. We told her we do not have that kind of money right now we just payed a large amount of bills. She told us to go ahead and fill out a application for a loan through carecredit.

we did and we got declined. the next step was a payment plan through the hospital but we would have to have 50 percent down that night. I explained i really do not have anymoney i can get the money but it wouldnt be till monday but i do not want my dog to suffer so is there anyway you can go ahead and do it and i will sign a promisary note saying i will pay it monday. She then told me she cannot.

So we went outside and called a couple of friends and family to try and figure how we can arrange to do this asap. The doctor came outside and told us she cant do anything untill we have 50 percent but time is going by and he will loose his sight and his eye if i do not hurry. We continued calling friends and family, about 1 hour later the docter came back out and told us that they can work out a deal and it would be $650.00 but i would need 350.00 down that was a little better on us and we where able to do that. we left for about 1 hour and they told us we could pick up are dog.

He was completly lethargic they said he was still sleeping from surgery just keep a eye on him .(in previous convo with the 1200.00 estimate he would have to bbe there over night and be hospitalized) I do appreciate them lowering the cost for us but at the same time they waited and waited till we had cash in hand and he could have lost his eye sight I wanted to see what you thought about this story.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vca Animal Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $850.

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I had the exact same thing happen, differences were... my poodle has pyometra, a life threatening issue where she was profusely bleeding out of her uterus.

Filing 10 diapers in over 8 hours. I wasn't given any option other than cash up front or care credit. They quoted between 800.00 to 2000.00 but she needed that uterus out immeditley. I was then told I could take the antibiotic route, so he prescribed one only to find out I could have had 2 which would work better.

When I asked why I wasn't given Baytril the vet said I thought it to pricey for you..!!!!!*&^.

The I was told he was closing early so my dog was sent away still pouring blood out. Somewhere someone has to drop the corporate attitudes and bring back the compassion.


obviousle you all work there! I do not agree people go to school to be a vet because they love animals I also understand that they have to make money but I am going to school to be a vet because I want to help animals and I would have never let that dog suffer. That is the problem with big corporations they have no heart!


If you are so concerned about the precious time passing for your pets medical treatment, you should be spending your energy complaining about Banfield for not addressing the problem when you brought your pet to them and for having them pass the buck to someone else.

You should be singing VCA praises for caring enough about you and your pet to empathize with your predicament and give you a significant discount and help you provide care for your pet. 50% discount on a non-life threatening emergency! You should be bringing the staff flowers and thank-you cards, not posting complaints about them online.

I hope your dog is doing better and you have started to think ahead to prepare for these unforseen emergency situations.

- Thank your predecessors for businesses not taking clients at their word that they will make future payments. If they had integrity or honesty, collection agencies would not be neccessary.

- Last time I asked, my doctor nor dentist would give me a discount or allow me to make payments over time.

... Or maybe you have already done something special to show your appreciation for the staff... but probably not. :sigh


Have to agree with Becky. I work in the veterinary profession and lots and lots and lots of people have signed promissary notes.

Unfortunately, lots and lots and lots of people don't fulfill them.

Lucky for you the people at vca were willing to work with you and decrease the bill to help you take care of your pet. by all rights, since it wasn't a life threatening emergency, they could have just sent you and your pet home, but they didn't.


Do you know how many people "promise" to pay businesses and never do? I know you were worried about your dog, but that is why you buy pet insurance.

:) Sorry, I don't think the vet was wrong. I would actually be very grateful for what they did.

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