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i had the misfortunte of being another victim of vca's horror fest that they call 'animal care' when I unfortunately found their free coupon online...geez what I wouldn't have done to pay a regular exam fee and not have had to suffer that nightmare. I took my cat in for a basic eye infection--big should have been a fast enough process and I should have been let go. I felt as if I was held hostage by VCA's incompetency, negligence, evil and stupidity...this is the HOWELL BRANCH location in winter park, what a nightmare....after reading all the complaints im really worried for my cat now---who knows what those monsters/criminals could have done to her or any animal. Ive never had such a bad experience in my life....from being treated badly by the staff and the mean nasty vet no treatment for my cat, gouged ridiculous prices for a 3.00 medication...gouged pricing for unnecessary testing, bad diagnosis bad testing procedures, testing in between euthanizing an animal wtf--informing other patients that an animal is being euthanized...just putting people and animals through ***...that is what VCA does....this is the WORST vet clinic to date and I thought banfield was bad but this joke takes the cake....

this is an original complaint I wrote on another board....its long but describes this nightmare of a vet clinic in some way

This is not about the VCA division in general as im sure they have good service/care of animals and pets and can't judge them by any means. But this is towards the horrible animal clinic located on howell branch experience here was nothing short of horrific and ive been to many vets in my life and have NEVER received such awful care, incompetency, bad treatment, lack of doing anything for the animal, poor customer care, rudeness get the picture...

I would have easily walked out but i have severe chronic fatigue and was very sick with the flu and my cat was in need of urgent care and it took me a lot to get her there...what I had to go through was waiting almost TWO HOURS...just to get her eye checked out...she had an infection or conjunctivitis...any other vet would have done a quick exam, prescribed her medication and let me go on my way...but this nightmare of a place almost kept me there by making me wait and WAIT unnecessarily for no reason...almost discarding me while they took care of others...and kind of threw me on the side and on top of that treated me rudely and badly and almost like a third class citizen. Also, they advertise these FREE exams for first time pets---beware of them!! For they will treat you like trash and a thief for using these coupons...and almost treat you as if you're getting free vet care and won't do anything for you except make you wait, suffer and get upset/angry and make your poor animal wait while it is stressed out etc...

Ive never witnessed such incompetency and RUDENESS and lack of consideration or care by a staff like that in my life...not just by making people wait unnecessary wait times, but not caring about anything, a Veterinarian being EXTREMELY rude and almost abusive to someone with a pet...and treating a customer so horribly...the vet here was Jeaninne AntoNacci and she was a monster...they advertise here about the great care they give their first time clients...but I was treated nothing more than a thief, and like trash just for walking in the door and trying to get my pet some care. When I first went I was on time for my appointment, and then waited in the waiting room...Then the girl asked me if i wanted to wait in a room and i said sure--I was taken to a room and then proceeded to have to wait 30 minutes...I heard as they checked out several patients and then was told that the people in the back were doing x-rays or something of that sort...ok sure..that's fine but if they aren't checking out patients...why are they sorting x-rays rather than making a patient wait over 30 minutes...(i know how doctor and vet clinics work as many of my family members are doctors and ive been to many vets and rarely do they make someone wait that long who has an appointment time)...esp vets...

so I guess they were going over other things and just couldn't care to tend to me though my situation was a basic exam and simple check up (hmm wonder how they handle serious situations if they cant even tend to a basic small problem)...finally after me having to ask them numerous times did the doctor finally come in... no vet tech beforehand...which again isn't the way things are usually seems as if my appointment was just a bother to them and they had no time to tend to my appt...and when I asked the girl at the front desk she seemed kind of peeved or just careless...finally the doctor came in and seemed nice enough and did a basic semi checkup but i had a lot of questions that i couldn't end up asking of course...she recommended one test and then went to get me an estimate on the test then a vet tech came back with the estimate...I wanted to speak to someone I know really fast abuot the price so I went to make a phone call and a few minutes later- i got back to tell them my decision and next thing I know I was told they were doing a 'euthanasia' in the next room---err wtf??? they had to tell and inform if that made any sense---hmm ive already waited an hour so far with nothing and for a very simple test that would be fast and now im having to wait for a 'euthanasia"...very unprofessional and disgsuting...its as if theyre trying to say...hey...the doctor is busy so you have to was done very rudely and now im hearing an animal scream and not sure what is going on ...and have to wait 'longer' for an eye dye test... that's nice...they couldn't have done the test earlier...or did not sure if they had more patients but i didnt notice any or many...again if this is how procedures are done i can get it but most vets, come in fast, take a look at the animal...the tech comes first, then the vet...they do the necessary tests within a time frame and then you go... so far it had been an hour wait...with no patients around...and then im on the phone for a few minutes and now i have to wait 30 minutes more...really ridiculous and strange...and they didn't seem to care its almost as if they could care less...though I told the girl before I was sick with the flu and if they could try to hurry or do seems the only way they would tend to my pet is if I forced them to or complained--otehrwise i dont think they would have entered my room. Also when the vet entered my room she said "you have the free exam coupon" if...that's why they were treating me like ***---and that's exactly what it seemed...because I had the 'free coupon' they were treating me lower than dirt and making me wait almost two hours for a simple eye diagnosis that in the end only took one minute or was horrible...

Then, I was waiting for the 'euthanasia"...which I guess the vet decided to do in between my appointment or who knows what...and though i dont know anything abotu procedures like that, it just didn't make much sense...why did I have to wait 45 minutes for someone to even see my pet while they were doing paperwork in the back...and then wait an extra hour for a euthanasia? My cat had an eye infection...its a simple diagnosis and I should have been on my way within 30 minutes...I finally asked the front desk girl are they going to see me? or do the eye dye test?? Ive been waiting over an hour? then when I walked back in...the doctor was in there trying to do the 'eye dye test"...literally...she put dye in the eye...put a lamp over it...and that was it---she gave a diagnosis in less than a minute...what a horrible situation and vet...i waited over an hour so this monster could do a test in less than a minute and give a shoddy diagnosis...i dont care if shes a vet or not how can you diagnose a condition in less than a minute and so horribly...was it even a correct diagnosis who knows?? its wasnt even less than a minute it was 2-3 seconds...and that's it?? this is some of the WORST treatment you can receive...sit there and wait two hours so a monster can hold a lamp over your pet for 2-3 seconds and say...ok it's this...and worse... it was done...I just wanted my prescription so I could leave...please? I was sick with the flu had to go to work and was halfway delirious by this time...the vet said it would take "MORE TIME" to get a prescription---huh?? she said rudely you can eitehr wait for the script or i can call it in to a thinking...wait for how long? she said...well i dont know and i said...well it takes one minute to write a prescription? She rudely very coldly looked at me as if i was fussing and then loudly and meanly said MAAMMMM I HAVE THIS DOG TO TEND TO and something else and then aer you serious?? SHe was beyond rude and so mean...cruel in fact and seeemd as if her only intention was to stand there and abuse me and put me through as much *** as possible...after I alraedy had waited 1.5 hours...with bad treatment a horrible can a vet operate in this horrible way just for having free coupons?? This shouldn't be legal...

.she said she had already came in to do the eye dye thing...and left the dog...and then i went to the front desk girl to ask her what i could do...about the perscription...i said the vet said seh was giong to call it in---the girl said "ok sure..just give us a number"...i said my phone was dead and i didnt have a pharmacy number if she could help me out-- she refused and said we had to get it ourselves---huh?? after having to wait 1.5 an eye dye test which took less than a minute...and being treated like dirt...and not tended or cared to while my poor cat is stressed and so upset...while im sick and waiting for animal care...she cant look up one pharmacy for a patient? i was shocked again...and then went to charge my the time i came back in...a prescription had been written for me...(really so the doctor just took it upon herself to insult and yell at me and not tell me it could just be five minutes)...and then I was there to check what a nightmare?? Then the girl...charged me for a test...was rude...and as she gave me my CC she kind of rudely slapped it down as if "get out of here" type attitude or just rude... my poor cat had been sitting there two hours for no reason...and the worst part was---NOTHING was done...i had to wait that long for a lousy perscription...nothing was done to help her eye...and even the exam was nothing and there was nothing done and I had questions about the cat but couldn't get aruond to asking them because the doctor was unavailable 95% of the time I was there...I waited 1.5- 2 hours for a prescription for an eye drop...and had to go through ***...get treated like dirt... ive never had such bad treatment in my life at any vet's office ever---never such incompetent *** treatment...and never been yelled at rudely and talked down to by a mean cruel vet who couldn't write a prescription that took one minute...and had to treat a patient like dirt...

this is the WORST animal clinic you can ever take your pet not make the mistake of having to endure the *** i had to go incompetent very mean and nasty vet...bad techs...everyone there was bad it seems...the front desk girl was rude and one cared about a patient...and dont ever use their FREE coupon because basically it means if you come in with it-- you will be treated lower than a thief and your pet wont even be attended to unless you continuously ask them to take care of your pet----not only did i have to go through 2 hours of *** of waiting...i had to force them to even come in the room to see my pet...and really nothing was done except a lame prescription and who knows if the diagnosis was even correct---for she took about 10 seconds to look into the cat's eye to check out to see what was wrong with it---this is horrific shoddy incompetent sick can a vet treat an animal in need in this way or any animal in need...I understand maybe they were putting an animal down but i find it odd how within 2 minutes of my leaving a euthanasia suddenly began and then that was it---that's how these monsters do business...?? treat patients like trash who have animals in need who come in for care---make them purposely and unnecessarily wait two hours and not even give them an accurate and proper diagnosis and seem to just want to charge them money for a test that wasnt even seemingly properly done??? stay away from this nightmare of a surprised this palce is even in business...dont risk your animal to the care of these very sick messed up incompetent and awful people

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I know what you mean about the reception lady, she will ask you for your name then take out the chart and start to tell you what she is going to charge, she's not even the Vet, It's all a system they set up to maximize profits. She asked what i was in for so i told her a refill for thyroid meds, a and nail cut that's it.

She stated that i needed blood work and vaccinations to get this,

i stated that was necessary and i will not pay.

She insisted and i told her flat No i will not pay for that. She said I'm not here to argue with you and they put in room. when the vet came in she said she would only give a 2 week supply, as said NO 6 months and I'm going to pay for the BS. I stood my ground this time.

She gave the 6 months and told me next time i have to pay. No way wont go there ever again. Find a Holistic doctor people.

VCA is not in business for Dog Care, they are in business to make as much money for there share holders.

So your pet is not the primary objective, money is.

to ***ed off 456 #1173360

i am only disappointed in your veterinarian for caving in and giving you a (ridiculously generous/potentially lethal for your pet) rx with 5 refills, exempting you from bloodwork that, mind you, is ONLY REQUIRED BECAUSE NOT CHECKING certain hematology parameters when a pet is on thyroid medication(s) is inherently dangerous for your pet. it is at best practicing poor medicine/professional judgement to not run the thyroid panels a few times a year (generally speaking), and at worst it means your animal dies.

not everything a vet does has some self-serving, profit-based motive...i realize full well you have some type of a chip on your shoulder about this by reading your comments. i am offended at your insinuations re: vets living lavishly; i personally am humbled that a licensed veterinarian has done the same amount of schooling as my doctor, yet had to learn the same information for a multitude of species that all are physiologically different!!! this is NOT easy! plus, the average vet coming out of school is lucky to see a take home income of $50-$65,000/yr.

(generally speaking, country wide). this comes with an approx. $100,000-$250,000 in school debt.

you do the math and then let me know if you still think the majority of vets are just doing it for the money. i absolutely assure your ignorant *** they are NOT.


It appears as if you didn't have an appointment and got agitated because you had to wait. Unfortunately for you, scheduled customers have priority in a busy practice.

They told you about the euthanasia because they thought you would have empathy for a pet in worse state than your own. Towards the end, they may have been curt, because they don't want you as a client. As a practicing veterinarian we want to make your pet better but sometimes the person the pet is attached to is best off treated by another hospital. Yes, we do occasionally have to cut our losses.

Sorry you had a bad experience but sounds like you exacerbated the situation.

By the way, I don't work for VCA. I have my own clinic on the west coast.

to vonkeztarg #804492

You have a clinic on the west coast, feel sorry for people and dogs in your practice. You are No different then VCA, did you get your Mercedes-Benz Yet, OR do you need to scam a few more people to get the money, how about the big house in the suburbs, and the ego that goes along with pretending you are a doctor.

I hate Vet and Doctors.

You are all a worthless, time will prove me right. All about the scams to make more money. I know there are probable 2 or 3 good vets out there,

but i don't believe you are one of them. I bet you vaccinate every pet that come in your practice.

How many unessary procedures and vaccinationa and drugs have you dispense, just to make amore money?? Exepet the business for what is is, don't came her with high moral ground, you have none.


Don't offer "free" services to make up for the fact that your CORPORATE ***-likes of what brought the Nation to its knees. Do U pay lobbiest in DC? I'll def stay away!


ridiculous complaints no , no one needs to hear YOUR degrading nonsense opinions here- you are such a mean disturbed person and such a troll..go back to *** where I'd assume a rotten piece of sh*t like you came from

to laurie Chicago, Illinois, United States #804469

It sound like you are a vet or some one that works in a vet office making money from the scams you pull on people all day

I hope that you primary doctor does the same thing to you, as Vets do to pets. You sound like a troll, and you are a verified sh*t head go back you came from, your vet job.

You are what you say.

You are the very example of wants wrong with our society today.


wow, vca mistreats clients and the vca trolls are here defending that awful place. My best friend is a vet and there is NO way she would ever treat anyone like that, or do procedures in that way, so you people are totally wrong.

You must work for the hospital so you're trying to defend it. You also sound like really mean spiteful malicious people so it makes sense why you'd defend abusive behavior. I would file a complaint with the BBB about this hospital and the way it's run and how the doctor and vet techs handle things. This sounds like a really bad place, with mostly trolls and psycho people and bullies defending it.

I'm behind the writer 100%, and I also know someone who took their pet to a vca and had a really bad experience too, so it's not unique to any location.

Stay away from vca and the trolls and losers and vicious insane people who defend the abusive actions of the staff there. They all need serious help.

to vca ***ks Chicago, Illinois, United States #804476

Look this corporate vet places VCA, have no accountability,

They act, like they are DOG Gods, but the reality is that you dog is a ginny pig , for them to male as much money as they please. Vaccination are a scam, most of the meds they dispense are a scam.

just like they do to humans, Humans are killed by the 1000 every year by are so-called Doctors, aren't they suppose to be helping not harming. Thats the same thing going on with Vets, its all about the Money not you pet. I went to VCA in Chicago, And they wont not cut me dog nails unless i would pay for blood work , and vaccinations, i refused said no way i will not pay. i also needed a refill for MEds, but they would not, unless i payed for blood work and vaccinations, i said No that i will sue them, so i was taken in to a private room, vet came in and said ok we will give 2 weeks of meds, but you have to pay what you came back for more.

i said i need 6 months of meds. vet stated that they might run out, she could not do that, i said No i need 6 months, refused to scammed.

She finally realized that i was going to let her scam me again.

She told me wait , later she came out with 6 months of meds, and said you know you are right, hers 6 months of meds , but next time we will have to go all the blood work and vaccinations.

I stated not a problem, big problem. I will never go back to this Sh-t h-le.

Ther was another older lady the crying because she could not afford all the vaccinations and blood work they are extorting from her, sad but the reality we live in today's Medical Cartels, No different than The Drug cartels from Mexico. EL Chapo VCA clinic


OMG, I've read alot of ridiculous complaints on this site, but this has got to be the worst!!! Why exactly was the vet a MONSTER?

Was it because you were sick that day? What exactly did they do that was so horrible, put more pressing matters before yours? I'm sorry, but it seems like you were trolling for a free visit and are peeved that you had to pay for something. If you had any sense of decency, you would respect the fact that someone was placing their beloved pet to sleep and would understand that most times you don't want to sit around and wait.

I cannot believe that you wrote 3+ paragraphs complaining about nothing. Sometimes you just have to be an adult and wait patiently because there are more pressing matters than your chronic fatigue.

Honestly, If you have to call people to get the okay to pay for a simple eye stain, when you already have a free exam... I don't blame the vet one bit for letting you sit.

to RIDI***US COMPLAINT Chicago, Illinois, United States #804480

Sounds like you work there, no amount of BS from you is going to change the fact that today's Vets are the same as medical doctors. all about getting that Mercedes-Benz and the big house in the suburbs at the cost of our pets and us.

Medial companies paying Vets and Doctors to dispense mew Meds, Set up procedures that are not necessary for the health of the dog, but the health of the bank account. AS for VCA not from opinion , but first hand experience. Worst ever, never seen a hospital with such disregard with animal life. again all about the Money.

People buy a silver generator a give you dog silver water in his water every day, also only give your dogs distilled water,

you will see amazing results, as i did.

All infection went BY BY

got sick of getting ripped of by VCA Chicago Elston, hundreds of dollars for pills that only makes things worse. I also put a very small amount of Sole in their water WOW! my dog are back from the dead, 17 years old male pit bull back to normal. Boycott VCA learn how to treat your pet holistic way.

or keep getting rip off, you choice.


omg you sound like a negative troll just there to rebuttal anything written so you can try to make people feel like *** or put them down...everything you stated is so false and wonder the world is going the way it is because there are so many sub par sub human idiots like you out there to preach bad to troll and loser...

to ... #804497

for you to know that the commets are comming from sub par sub human idiots is for to be one, yes you, total troll and loser...


wait on me to get a test done? they would have done my test however I had to make a phone call and in between that 2-3 minutes they began a euthanasia...that is irresponsible and makes no making someone wait over an hour in a room while there are barely any patients for no reason...oh yeah wait b/c they had a 'free coupon' thats NOT OK to mistreat people just because they have free coupons...ive been to extremely BUSY vets and the wait time is nothing...even with tons of pets because they go in do the job and it doesn't take an extreme amount of time with the last 4-5 vets ive been to...and ive spoken to friends who go to vets...and everyone agreed this vet was ridiculous and they were in the back doing no no YOU are completely wrong here....most vets don't take 1-2 hour long waits when there are BARELY any patients there...EVER...just because someone has a free coupon too does not mean that they should get worse're the kind of rotten people that exist in today's society and the reason it has gone feel that bad customer service or mistreatment is the doctor's right and the manner in which the vet treated me was unprofessional and intentionally abusive....all my siblings and family are DOCTORS and no one treats anyone in this way EVER...that was clearly mistreatment but *** like you would condone it because society is full of negative *** like you...who feels its your God given duty to protest anything that is right or just... anything that occurred to me was not done right, and it was not based on a was based on bad treatment by a very bad office staff and vet....and since you feel free coupon patients deserve sub par are the trash and *** of the earth...and completely in the wrong...and oh *** yes receptionists look up things for people---many many people MANY different settings or fact anyone ive ever spoken to almost will look up pharmacies for people...with no problem...not rudely tell them to do it themselves...since you so proudly stick up for mistreatment and bad customer service and abuse....its pretty evident you are an abuser yourself...since they all do...trash and ***


You, ma'am, are ridiculous. You think that the euthanasia room should wait for you to get an eye test?

NO! YOU are the insensitive monster here. Oh my, you waited an hour? Big deal.

Think about how long you have to wait at your doctor's office. The thing about veterinary clinics is that things can only be done when a) enough staff are available to help and b) an animal is willing to cooperate. You complain that people "were in the back doing x-rays." Yes...x-rays take time, especially if the pet doesn't want to sit still and multiple people have to restrain. I don't know where you got this idea of people doing "paperwork" when you were told they were doing x-rays.

And making a phone call during your appointment to price shop? JEEZ that's annoying. Oh yes, let's just stop what we are doing while this lady makes a phone call. And then your phone is dead so you ask the receptionist to look up a pharmacy for you?

I'm sorry but she's not the yellow pages, she has other things to take care of besides cater to your irresponsible behind. CHARGE YOUR PHONE! Vet hospitals often run behind schedule because pets are UNPREDICTABLE!

You should understand this and know that a visit is always going to take some time. Honestly, I would be annoyed too if you came into my clinic with a free office visit coupon and then started being demanding.


no of course not.. i had already waited an hour as I stated...there was no need for me to wait that long just to be seen when people were 'in the back doing something"...etc..

overall the entire experience was horrible and ive been to many vets in my life...I know the process...they don't work in this way ...the way it was handled was not professional or normal...usually when you have a condition a vet tech comes in checks it out, then the vet comes in --checks it out-- it takes a little bit....and its done with...not 50 excuses...also i had to push them to even come in the i dont think anyone would have ...most vet clinics don't make appt patients wait 2 hours for a simple procedure like that...i had alraedy waited an hour..the events werent worse b/c i was sick everything was outrageous....there is a similar complaint abotu this hospital on yelp where no one saw the patient and they just walked out and left---that's what I was about to do if i wasn't so desperate to get my pet help at that moment... there is no excuse for anything i experienced---it was horrible service and bad business practices...and abusive...vca is a terrible clinic after reading the 100's of complaints and im scared i even went in there...the doctor did a test that took 5 seconds and that was dangerous to give a diagnosis in that way....everything that was done was horrible...awful and it was obvious either they were a really bad clinic or were treating me that way b/c of a free coupon...VCA's also just price gouge b/c they are part of corporate and they are horrible places to was also odd how they began the euthanasia the moment i left to make a phone call and came if had I not done that maybe they would have done the test right away---none of it made any sense and it was horrific business practice...and duh of course everyone knows what euthanasia is-er huh?--vets dont go around announcing it to different clients that the animal next door is being euthanized---that was horrific and very unprofessional


You used the word "euthanasia", but I am not sure if you know what it means since you put it in quotes? This is when a pet has reached the end of the quality of life, is suffering miserably and the owner has made the horrible and painful choice that is it time to say goodbye.

When this decision is made, it is worse to say to that client "We have an eye infection in the next room, you have to wait". Euthanasia is a very painful choice, and once it is made everyone in the hospital tries to help the client through it in the most efficient and peaceful manner as possible. So yes, everything in the hospital stops when that client is ready. It would be cruel and painful to make that client wait and watch their pet suffer any longer than necessary.

I am so sorry you had a bad experience, but you mentioned many times that you were sick with the flu and chronic fatigue, is it possible that the events were perceived worse than they were because you weren't feeling well?

I know when I am sick, everything seems just so much trouble. Hopefully when you feel better and reflect back, it might not have been as horrible as you describe?

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