My little dog's eye was popped out of socket, so we took him to vca fort worth animal hospital. we wanted them to remove the eye, however they insisted that they could save his eye.

So now, 1100 dollars, five days later, and one serious eye infection later.... Lil boy will have to return to a different vet next week to get his eye removed. After only a few short days, the stitches which were suppose to stay in tact for 3 weeks, came out resulting in his eye rupturing. we too him back to vca and they almost had us arrested because we refused to pay $300.00 just for discussing this serious problem with doctor.This is ridiculous!

We never even talked to the vet the night of surgery. These people just don't care that they botched my dog's eye up and have caused him such a serious infection that they can't even do surgury until some of the infection is gone. Only five days have gone by... This is ridiculous and I am going to sue them and file a complaint against them.

They could of at least made it right by fixing it instead of trying to charge even more money! come on Animal rights activist! Where are you??

help shut this complany down. There are so many complainst filed against them already..

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Hollis Center, Maine, United States #247007

They hire anyone how works on a percent of each bill. If the DVM was any good he would have his own office.


The vets they get are out of school and sign a contract to work there and if you don't bring in money they will kill your wallet.


They hire anyone from any school, because they only pay the vets 20% commission on each bill.

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