I WORKED FOR THEM AS A VETERINARIAN.They tell you how to practice,you are forced to comply with their chosen procedures and drugs and products ,even if there are other products on the market,or equipment for that matter........Its corporate,just like NVA,VCA.....its all about the money....its all about the money.....just like walgreens,cvs,etc..etc...its the $$$$$$$.You are far better going to a family owned practice ,owned by someone who is living in your community,than a corporate giant that spreads its greedy tentacles all over the country and always has to be advertising to hire veterinarians because too many vets dont want to work for this company and be told how to practice,and not be able to use their own creativity and knowledge to offer better than banfield does.

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Sadly,corporate owned vet hospitals bring even their good ones down. VCA Gaithersburg MD is excellent referral hospital.

Have great doctors there and have had no complaints from clients going there to see specialists. Sad that they are grouped with general practitioners that provide poor service.

As stated before, don't judge by the name... Not all VCA's fall into the same category.


A friend of mine, last month, spent over $2,800 for surgeries/tests/medications/etc for just one cat. This little guy was also their pride and joy. They brought him to VCA with the promise that they would treat him as their own and would get him to good health. He had surgery due to a break in his hip years prior to this family getting him. He was then brought back to the VCA within a week or two due to an abscess that had developed where the surgery was. Long story short: they put him under, with the owner completely hesitant towards this being done - and proceeded to remove the abscess. Once all was said and done, the little guy woke up - an hour later; he suddenly stopped breathing. Mind you, he was still at the vet's office at this time. The hospital tried to bring him back, but with no luck at all. Now, it has been less than 2 weeks, the poor family has paid the full amount for the work that has been done - that eventually resulted in killing their baby.... And they, as of today, have received a bill from VCA demanding they pay $310 for the screw ups THEY performed and for them having to dispose of the body. And also keep in mind that the hospital REFUSED an autopsy to be done.

I, along with many of the rescue groups I work with in South FL, will begin an investigation into this and will be sure to file a complaint.

Would GREATLY appreciate help from others that have had the misfortune to have their heart broken due to this corporation as well!


GREEDY GREEDY VET at PEE DEE Animal Hospital in Florence, SC. And, the office is dirty.


I recently left a VCA practice (as a customer, not a vet) for this very reason. I want a vet that is locally and privately owned.

I want to be talking to the owner of the business when I am talking to the vet. The VCA hospital where I took my cats and dogs for routine care was always aggressively trying to up-sell me, and were very expensive. The vet tech also talked down to me, like I was slow and ***. When I complained about her to the vet, she said there was nothing she could do.

Too bad about that! I am gone from VCA, and have a found a locally-owned, client-focused vet I am happy with.


I'm sure that just like any "business" there are good stories and bad stories, great locations and bad....even/especially (?) in "corporate giants". However....it is EXTREMELY unfair to pigeonhole ALL VCA and label those who work there in the way you have.

Honestly, you come across more as a disgruntled employee than someone who is genuinely trying to help. Who was it that said, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem". I certainly hope that if you truly feel people's animals are in "danger" of not receiving the kind of care that you would want for your own pets, that you've done something more proactive that complain here.

MY experience at VCA has been fantastic. For the "record" we take our babies to Dr.

Wallace who directs one of the Las Vegas locations. NEVER have I felt any push from him to sell services not needed.

NEVER have I felt that he didn't truly care for our pets. NEVER have I felt like a number and not a name or as if we were being herded through like cattle so that they could hurry to then next client and next dollar.


i agree . its all about the money when it comes to vca hospitals .

i know from experience the management is horrible at the vca i worked at. they let good employers go and hire ones that do not care or give there all in the job.

they let slackers get away with everything. its ridiculous how horrible management has become.


I don't know what VCA office you worked for but you must have been in one of the rebel offices. That doesn't say much for you for not standing up for your animal patients.

I have been going to VCA hospitals for over 12 years. I have never had the Vet tell me he cannot help because of corporate policy. I have never had the Vet tell me my pet needed anything they did not. I have never been turned down or away because I have no money.

I don't know where you are located, that's not the way VCA Clarmar is to us here in Torrance, Ca.

So sorry for you. :?


Wow! Good you are telling your side of this saga. :(

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